About Us


This is Hunt.

I have been fishing for the last 12 years as a professional angler. I love to catch fish with my angler fellows and dogs, sometimes with my wife. and I can’t but wait to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere near me and far away from my state with all of my favorite gears

As a pro angler, I have good knowledge of fishing gear, fishing tips and tricks, best fishing places, and other information. I have been sharing my opinion to buy appropriate fishing reels, rods, combos, lines, and other fishing gears so that beginners can get started the right way with their best gear.

I know, choosing the best fishing gear is not easy for newbies and that is why I have created this blog site to help those who are newbies and enthusiastic about fishing.

Besides this FishingMet blog site, I also help people with my social site’s engagement like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Forums, and so on. I’m also sharing fishing knowledge with my angler fellows by answering various asked questions using the Contact Us page about this site.

Pinterest is another favorite media to share my views and photos with my gears those are followed by me regularly.

There are lots of articles I have written on this fishingmet.com website along with some of my real reviews published here, I think this resource would be useful for you.

Stay in close contact with my site and keep reading all the posts here and let me know what do you think about this FishingMet blog site.

Thanking You,

John Hunt