Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel Review 2023

It’s not a wild guess to say that even the most naive and beginner fisher out there knows the name, Abu Garcia. The brand has been successfully producing high-quality fishing reels for years that making it one of the legendary names in the fishing gear industry.

The Pro Max fishing reel from Abu Garcia is by far one of the most celebrated reels from their production house. That’s because of its unparalleled speed and amazing smoothness that come with a relatively affordable price tag.

Today, we will be looking at the features and tit-bits of the Abu Garcia Pro Max baitcasting fishing reel.

Best Features of Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

The reel is fully jam-packed with lots of useful features and benefits. We have scanned well to make sure we don’t miss any crucial parts so that it gets easier for you to decide. So here’s what we have found.

Exceptional Graphite Construction

Along with the side plates, the baitcasting reel is a complete production of Graphite. This durable Graphite frame gives the reel a robust feel and look, as well. The solid feel is something so obvious that when you hold it in your hands, you can easily feel it.

Apart from the frame, the reel as a whole has a complete lightweight graphite construction. Abu Garcia has done a pretty remarkable job here. You can see the act of professionalism and dedication to quality in every piece that is joined to the other.

If you notice carefully, the transition points of the reel are quite smooth. You can’t locate any bump or something like that on it. This helps immensely to keep the gears on the reel well-aligned to deliver maximum cranking power.

In the case of the reel handle and the spool, the construction took a different turn. These two parts are built from double anodized aluminum. The key justification behind it can be to ensure a robust profile with a lighter weight measurement.

And not to mention, the heavy-duty brass build-up on the reel sides indicates that the durability of this reel is something really exceptional. It surely means it will keep up with you in the long run with the same durability and sturdiness.

Superior Braking System

When you can see that the Pro Max reel uses the trademarked MagTrax magnetic brake system, there’s very little left to discuss. The magnetic brake system is one of the powerful braking systems for baitcasting reels right now, and Abu Garcia ensures it takes full advantage of this technology.

The brake system’s adjustment is located on the outer side of the reel so that you can easily get access to it to take immediate action if necessary. As for the automated intelligence of the brake, there’s more to be surprised.

It provides the spool of the reel a consistent level of resistance while you cast and even after the cast. It makes sure that the cast is pretty much in control and the casting speed is properly regulated, even if you can’t manually handle it.

As for backlash, this is something you don’t need to worry about much. The magnetic brake system allows maximum protection against the backlash. So no matter how fast you cast and retrieve, the chance of a backlash will always be quite low.

As per our knowledge, at this price range, it’s hard to find a reel that comes with such a magnetic brake system.

Smoothness And Speed

With the Abu Garcia Pro Max baitcasting reel in your hand, speed is something you can take for granted. It comes with an effective gear ratio of 7:1:1. Usually, the spinning reels that we find in the market come with gear ratios from 4:8:1 to 5:2:1.

Now, to talk about the smoothness of this baitcasting reel, it’s beyond description. Pulling the line back to your spool has never been smoother in any way. It doesn’t matter if the reel is under severe pressure; the patented Duragear brass gear of the reel will stay perfectly aligned. Plus, it will maintain the required smoothness when you are retrieving the line from the water.

It’s not that you are going to enjoy a smooth retrieving experience like that of your simple reeling after a cast. But it’s going to give you the feeling at least close to that.

Casting Distance

There’s no pace of worry when it comes to casting at a great distance with this reel. First of all, the reel comes with a ceramic line guide. Although many may assume it hampers the casting performance, this is simply not true.

What’s surprising is that the line guide allows the line to be evenly set on the reel for a more tangle-free casting. This then maximizes the potential of the casting and makes sure you can reach further with the lure.

Thanks to its unique Rocket Line Management System, fighting with wind is an issue to forget once and for all. It ensures proper casting with a very good reduction of wind knot cases. So, it’s quite a great experience to cast as long as you want to with this baitcasting reel.

Superior Drag System

Abu Garcia Pro Max fishing reel comes with a brilliant Power Disk dragging system that allows it to drag a maximum of 18 pounds of weight. For regular fishing targets, this capacity is way beyond our expectations and does really well in the water.

A very flexible and easy-to-use start drag adjustment is there on the handle to adjust the drag to its precise points.

Durable Ball Bearings

The baitcasting reel comes with seven stainless steel ball bearings. No, this should give you a good idea of how exactly you are going to feel the difference between reeling and dragging. The bearings work extraordinarily when you are pulling the line back to the reel. Although it doesn’t ensure that there will be no backlash at all, the number of such cases will definitely be lowered if you choose to switch to the Pro Max Baitcasting reel.

Excellent Adjustment Guide

Every time you adjust the spool tension knob or the drag of the reel, you can hear a clicking sound. That sound will help you greatly to reach the precise adjustment point you are looking for. At this amazing price range, such a feature is definitely worthy of a big shoutout.

Amazing Balance

Although it’s a multi-part device, the construction of it comes with a recessed foot. This means the reel will be sitting a bit low on the fishing rod. Now, this makes it extremely comfortable for you to balance the entire fishing rod and give you a very lightweight feeling.

Not to mention the padded handles on both sides that reduce the fatigue and pressure on your hands to a certain level.

As for the weight of this reel, this is something that lies in the gray area. You can’t tell that it’s a heavyweight reel, nor can you claim it to be an extremely lightweight one. But overall, it’s pretty handy and comfortable – that’s what matters the most!

Abu Garcia Pro Max Baitcasting Reel Pros and Cons

Now that we have gone through all the necessary features of the fishing reel, here’re some quick perks and issues that we have compiled.


  • Ensures a smooth dragging system
  • Durable and heavy-duty construction
  • Intelligent magnetic brake system
  • Ergonomically designed reel with optimum comfort
  • Excellent spooling capacity


  • Falls short in case of power production

Final Words

Abu Garcia Pro Max baitcasting reel is such a fishing reel that falls in the equilibrium point of high-end design and a competitive price. It offers exceptional smoothness in dragging and also great comfort in using it. If you are looking for the very first reel for your fishing life, or you need a good replacement for your existing reels with a better yet cheaper one, this one should be on your prime list.

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