Plan the Perfect Fishing Trip For This Season

Plan the Perfect Fishing Trip

In 2019, the number of participants in recreational fishing was about 50.1 million. This staggering number shows how close fishing is to people’s hearts. Going on such a fishing trip is a pure bonding time. Be it a bachelor trip or family vacation, a good trip will always be in your mind. The benefit of …

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What is the Best Baitcaster Braking System for Me?


Let me hit you with the hunched truth first, if you have been thinking a baitcaster braking system will help you to catch more fish, I’m afraid to say you are entirely mistaken. The main duty of the braking system is to help to avoid any dreaded backlash tangles which can happen when dealing with …

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What’s the Best Gear Ratio for Baitcaster for Fishing?- Beginners Guide

Best Gear Ratio For Fishing

Waiting for hours to win that trophy bass? Struggling with spinning reels but are afraid to get your hands on baitcasters? Confused about what’s the best gear ratio for baitcaster for fishing? Let us clarify everything and make your fishing experience excited than ever. Sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink, and let’s unspool the …

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