Baitcaster Problems (And How To Fix Properly)

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Last time when I went fishing, with my baitcasting reel, something very bad happened. The baitcasting reel of mine suddenly stopped working. What would you have done in the same situation?

Solving the problem was a big lesson, and I know, that this might also happen to you, keep on reading to avoid such baitcaster problems.

The issues of baitcaster are not unusual cases. Because during fishing, you might face several situations related to baitcasting. It can likely face damage at any time. But now, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it.

But if you are a regular baitcaster user, there are many issues that you might face using it. However, you must still try to figure out baitcaster problems and how to fix them. Because backlashes in a baitcaster can hinder anytime and result in people stopping using this reel.

Baitcaster Problems

There are many downsides to being a baitcaster. Let us look at the baitcasting reel problems and how to fix them properly in further detail:

  • Wind resistance:

Wind resistance sometimes loosens up. The spool often keeps whirling and twisting. We usually call it backlash.

  • The exposed level wind:

It is one of the most common maintenance issues. You can use the level wind to spool the line as you whirl evenly, and the worm gear assembly regulates the level of wind.

So, it comes to the touch of liquid, silt, sand, and grit. These can hinder the parts, and they can also hamper ease of action. This is a common problem for those people who usually go fishing from the bank of the lake.

  • Dirt in worm gear assembly:

Mud, silt, sand, muck, or any dirt in worm gear assembly can hinder the proper action of the pawl. If the movement of the pawl is against the right way, then it might cause the tool to lock up.

It can result in stripping of a rough ride of the pawl. If something like this happens, you have to replace many parts.

  • Damage of bearings:

Ordinary and suitable bearings wear out as time goes on. Dirt is primarily responsible for harming bearings.

Even when you have submerged the reel moreover, poor operating bearings can affect the baitcasting.

  • Over-lubricating:

Over-lubricating the reel is not a good idea. It is just as wrong as not lubricating. Over lubrication might clog bearings.

Inaccurate lubrication can also lower the general action of your reel. As a result, you may notice messy functionality. Further, you will need to put more pressure to turn the handle.

  • Corrosion:

It can shortly hamper the overall performance of the reel. Saltwater is mostly harsh on tools.

Moreover, filthy corrosion can permanently ruin tools, and it can harm all the reel parts. It also happens when you place rods on the ground regularly. The dirt from the bottom still attaches to the parts of the reel.

  • Wear and tear:

Well, wear and tear are going to take place as time goes on. If you see that parts are wearing out fast, you should not wait to replace them. It is time for you to elevate the inner mechanics.

Elevating parts can make the reel spin faster than before, and it also enables maintenance overcasting. And most importantly, it gives you a long-lasting performance.

How To Fix Baitcaster Problems

It does not matter how nicely you take care of your baitcasting reel. And in the end, you will have to upgrade it anyway because maintenance is the ultimate key.

So, you need to be aware of the baitcaster problems and how to fix baitcaster problems.

Let us dig into a few solutions that might help:

  • You can easily replace the wind level. You need to clean it right away after you use it. Professionals recommend a wipe down after every use.

          They also recommend scattering the reel for cleaning it. After doing this, the parts of the reel work properly.

You can do this by cleaning your simple reels in the same way. But you will need professional help in the complex reels.

  • You can take off the bearings. After that, soak them in any metal cleaner. It helps to remove dirt from bearings.
  • Keep in mind that they are reasonable and much easier to replace.
  • Pawl has a very sensitive nature. It picks up the dirt. And due to that, you do not have to fix anything. You need to take care of its cleanliness.
  • Besides, you can replace it for sure. Cleaning regularly and maintenance is necessary in that case. Or else you might face hardship in rewinding it.
  • It is quite impossible to clean the bearings properly from over lubricating.
  • So, all you can do is replace it. This is the best option. Moreover, It is not a big deal. You can effortlessly prevent it.
  • If you notice too much damage to your reel, you should replace it right away.
  • Professionals recommend rinsing off the reel with fresh water after every time you use it.
  • In general, you can replace the worn parts effortlessly. It seems quite simple. But if you think about quality upgrades, then professional input plays a crucial role.
  •  While replacing bearings, you should not rush. First, gather more knowledge about it. Do a little bit of research. Because who does not want good performance, long-lasting mode?

Frequently Asked QuestionsIs

  1. Is a baitcasting reel easy to use?

Baitcaster is often harder to use. You need to press your thumb against the spool of the reel. It helps to keep the reel from spinning faster.

2. Can anyone use a baitcasting reel?

You need to practice more and more. It is not so difficult to gain the skill.

3. Is a baitcasting reel a good option for new anglers?

Professionals suggest baitcasting reels for refined fishers as it is an advanced reel.

4. Can I switch baitcasters’ handles?

You cannot change the baitcasters’ handle from one side to the other.

5. Can I use a baitcasting reel in the wind?

Fishing in the wind using a baitcasting reel can cause a backlash.

6. How to avoid backlash?

The favorable way to avoid backlash is to cast across the wind.

7. How can I clean the level wind more easily?

If you want to clean the wind at home, it is not so hard. You can easily clean up the level breeze with a normal toothbrush. You can do it for regular maintenance.

8. How to prevent rust and corrosion?

After returning home, you need to wipe down the reel with a light coat of oil. Wipe down hub and knobs.

Final verdict:

Choosing a baitcasting reel for fishing can be challenging for people who are new to this.

Because most people have no clue about baitcaster problems and how to fix baitcaster problems.

So, if you decide to use a baitcasting reel, it will be essential for you to choose the proper line. It is all about method and timing. Many people give up using a baitcasting reel, and it is because it takes time to learn it properly. In closing, for a fine fishing experience, all you need to do is be patient in learning. Also, be aware of the complications.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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