Baitcaster Reel Sizes and Baitcaster Size Guide 2024

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I have used a lot of baitcasting reels in my fishing career. My experience with baitcaster reels says it is a bit confusing to choose the exact size of reels. Understanding various sizes and the ability to realize which one would be the best to use is an important thing for a baitcaster.

It took a long time for me to decide which one to use. I researched a lot, took suggestions from some pro-level baitcasters, and finally made myself able to choose the right reel.

Are you guys also facing the same issue of choosing the perfect baitcaster reel size?

Here, I’ll try to give you all the ideas about reel sizes so that you can choose and buy the best one for yourself.

Before having pieces of information about baitcaster reel sizes, let us take a glance at some other things, too.

Baitcaster Reel Sizes and Different Brands:

Baitcaster Reel Sizes and Different Brands:

Baitcaster Reel sizes vary from company to company. My long-time research says the reel size of one company doesn’t match with another. They make different sizes according to their business ideas.

So, to gain an idea of different sizes, the first thing you need to do is to analyze the market fully. I have to get basic ideas about renowned brands and their trending sizes.

Before choosing reels, remember to keep enough lines. Because big fishes can eat up a lot of lines.

Here, I’m giving you a chart including all the important things that should be followed while choosing a reel.

Baitcaster Reel Sizes Chart:

Reel SizeweightLine capacity (yds)Retrieve rate (ipt)Drag (pound)Recommendations
505 – 6.5 oz60 – 7523″ – 29″7 – 10Light Inshore
705.5 – 6                oz80  – 10023″ – 32″7 – 10Finesse Inshore
1006 – 7.5 oz110- 13026″ – 34″8 – 14General Purpose Inshore
2007 – 9 oz150 – 22026″ – 36″10 – 14Medium Inshore
3008 – 11 oz240 – 27028″ – 38″12 – 18Medium Heavy Inshore
40010 – 12.5+ oz290 – 34028″ – 38″16 – 22Heavy Inshore

With the table mentioned above, you will get ideas about the following topics:

  • The weight of the baitcaster reel
  • Its line capacity
  • Retrieve the rate of your preferable baitcaster reel.
  • Maximum drag pressure capability
  • I recommended some applications at last.

How to Choose the Right Baitcaster Size? Baitcaster Size Guide

You probably got the answer from the above discussions. The small baitcasters are used for small fishes, and the big size baitcasters are for big fishes. But the question is, is there any other reason for these various sizes?

Yes, except for fish size, there are some different points to choosing different sizes of baitcaster reels.

  • Applications line: There are plenty of applications that need different sizes of baitcasters to run smoothly; Choose your perfect size of baitcaster reel according to the Application line.
  • Water and wind type: Not only the applications but also the water type, and strength of wind require a variety of sizes that can easily match with the fishing environment.
  • Weather difference: Heavy weather demands a heavy reel, while light weather needs a light reel.

One thing I need to mention here is that size variety doesn’t always depend on the reels. Other considerations include a rod, rig, lure selection, and so on.

Types of Baitcaster Reels in The Market:

Low Profile Baitcaster:

Low-profile baitcaster reels are more lightweight and smaller in size. These are mainly used for light fishing and close-quarter fishing, where two things are equally important. Frequency and casting accuracy.

These reels are more comfortable. You can hold it smoothly, and fishing is easy. These slim reels will bring comfort to your hand. There are plenty of spools in the market, so keep capacity and fishing type in mind. Usually, the smallest size is 50, and the biggest one is 400.

Round Baitcaster:

A round baitcasting reel is heavier than a low-profile one. Also bigger in size and designed to hunt big fish. A round baitcaster will not make you as comfortable as a low-profile baitcaster will do.

It’s a little hard to hold. You can use them to cast heavier baits a long distance. They have a very good drag system. They will also provide you with huge power. They start with 1000, and the top size is 10000 and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Are Reel Sizes Important?

Reel sizes are important considering different points. As in what kind of fish you’re going to catch, where you’re going to fish, your fishing environment, water type, and so on. Also, the line strength and application type need to be considered while choosing a good-sized baitcasting reel. The perfect size of your reel gives you comfort and makes fishing easier.

2. Can I Use a Heavy Reel for Small Fish?

A heavy reel is not recommended for small fish. To catch small fish, you should choose a small and lightweight reel that you can hold easily. For small fish, you can use a heavy reel, but that is not going to make your fishing comfortable. A good match of fish size and reel size is important. So, try to buy a good match for your required fish type. If you are aiming to catch small fish, buy one of the low-profile baitcaster reels.

3. Which Brand Is Reliable for Baitcasters?

There are a lot of reliable brands in the market that will provide you a good reel at a friendly cost. As a beginner, you can take suggestions from an experienced fisher about a good reel brand. These are some of the most reliable brands on the market that you can buy without thinking.

4. Is There Any Baitcaster that Doesn’t Backlash?

Most baitcasters backlash at some point, but if you are worried about backlashing, then I have good news for you. Recently, a few brands have introduced their customers to some anti-backlashing baitcasters, Such as Kastking Spartacus, Piscifun Torrent, Abu Garcia Black Max, etc. Choose one of them.

5. Why Did the Fishing Reel Get Stuck?

The fishing reel gets stuck when it is jammed. The saltwater causes jamming, and you find out that you can not turn the baitcasters handle properly. Apart from saltwater, dirt, dust, and sand can also cause jamming.

6. What Do Pro Bass Fishermen Use?

A pro bass fisher uses a Baitcaster for fishing. Baitcaster reels have some extra benefits over spinning reels. They have stronger lines, and more torque than a spinning reel. These things are needed if someone is going to the mid-water through the heavy wind. Baitcasters also give more comfort than spinning reels.


Baitcaster reel sizes are more confusing than any other feature of a baitcaster. It plays a mystical role for a beginner who is trying to choose a comfortable reel. If you are also trying to solve this issue, try to do some research about it. At one point, you will realize your confusion has transformed into knowledge.

I tried to help you here with what little knowledge I had accumulated throughout my fishing career. Hopefully, this article will be helpful enough to understand the sizing of the reels and other specifications. Enjoy your fishing with no problems remaining.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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