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Fishing requires some basic knowledge, but the addition of high-quality equipment makes it even more enjoyable. Everything involved in this process is equally crucial, whether an excellent reel and bait or a crankbait rod. A good crankbait rod allows users to achieve a solid balance of moderate motion and medium diving crankbait rod to heavy power.

When it comes to fishing, the most extraordinary crankbait rod can be really beneficial. It’s the essence of the fishing adventure that matters. However, it does not have to be exceptionally pricey to be the best crankbait rod. For the most incredible fishing experience, a top crankbait rod at a minimal price can suffice.

We’d be happy to assist you if you’re having trouble looking for the best budget crankbait rod or just want to learn more about them. In this post, you’ll find some helpful hints about fishing rods and a detailed discussion of what to look for in a decent crankbait rod.

Best choice
Dobyns Mod-Fast Crankbait Rod
Dobyns Mod-Fast Crankbait Rod
  • Brand: Dobyns Rods
  • Material: Graphite
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Handle Material: Cork
  • Action: Moderate_fast
Extremely Lightweight
Dobyns Casting Bass Fishing Rods
Dobyns Casting Bass Fishing Rods
  • Brand: Dobyns Rods
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Handle: Material Cork
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 84 x 1 x 1 inches
Best for crankbait fishing
St. Croix Rods Legend Glass Spinning Rod
St. Croix Rods Legend Glass Spinning Rod
  • Brand: St. Croix Rods
  • Grip: Type Split
  • Material: Blend
  • Tension Level: Medium/Moderate
  • Color: Honey Pearl

Best Budget Crankbait Rod Reviews

Here, we’ve gathered a selected few crankbait rods that we think ticks all the boxes necessary. Go through these products and look for the one that suits your needs perfectly. Make sure to check the additional features that come with them, as these can also play a significant part in improving your fishing experience.


1. Dobyns Mod-Fast Crankbait Rod- Champion Series

Dobyns Mod-Fast Crankbait Rod

Dobyns Rods 684CB Champion Series Mod-Fast Crankbait Rod is the perfect option for fishing. The rod has a combination of strength, sensitivity, balance, and weight. It’s the best choice if you’re seeking a lightweight and sturdy crankbait rod that can help in improving your fishing experience. This rod is one of the long-lasting rods that are ideal for today’s anglers.

Made of robust and sturdy material, the strong body helps it last longer and gives enough strength to endure a large amount of pressure. The high modulus graphite blanks ensure that the rod has optimal strength and sensitivity. Moreover, you get less fatigue while holding it for a long time. This also helps balance the weight of the rod.

There are tangle-free guides spaced evenly throughout the entire length of the rod. This rod also has sic-inserts that help dissipate heat. Even the guides are covered in Kevlar, giving it a performance boost. The 684CB also comes with an AA-grade cork handle that is helpful for grip.

It’s a high-quality item with a low price tag that contains modest mod and rapid action. The product provides outstanding performance in all sorts of water bodies.

Key Features:

  • 6-feet 8-inch fast action medium mod rod
  • High modulus graphite blanks
  • ¼-¾ oz. lure weight


  • Suitable for all kinds of water bodies
  • Constructed of lightweight graphite
  • Fast action
  • High sensitivity and strength


  • Only suitable for fast action

2. St. Croix Rods Legend Glass Spinning Rod

St. Croix Rods Legend Glass Spinning Rod

This is yet another outstanding St. Croix fishing rod that has been developed explicitly for bass fishing. It’s designed expressly for crankbait fishing. The crankbaits are larger in size than other lures. These usually generate a significant amount of resistance during retrieval because of their diving shovel. So, a fishing rod with slower action is recommended for this style of fishing.

The Legend Glass Rod is made with SCI fiberglass technology, making it more flexible than carbon fishing rods. This also gives the rod a mild action that makes setting the hook seem gentler. Furthermore, the extra flex of the blank aids in the struggle against large fish by absorbing the energy of their strong hops and lunges.

Increased flex of the Legend Glass Crankbait makes it easier to cast crankbaits to greater distances and place the hook on a fish. When setting the hook on a firm bass mouth, it can sometimes pop out of the mouth without really piercing the fish. But, a medium action rod suppresses the power applied while setting the hook, allowing the treble hooks to sink deeper into a hard fish jaw.

Key Features:

  • Fuji Dps reel seat
  • IPC technology ensures smoother action
  • Split grip cork handle
  • Constructed with premium SCI Linear S-Glass Fiber


  • Very Sensitive
  • Can be easily loaded
  • Excellent handle quality
  • Amazing guides
  • Long and accurate casts


  • A bit expensive

3. Dobyns Casting Bass Fishing Rods- DC704CB Champion XP Series

The Dobyns Champion XP DC704CB is an excellent example of a brass rod that will allow you to get the most out of your casting rig. This model has a 7 ft length and a moderate fast action designed especially for crankbaits. It also features a significant amount of flex for light hitting. There’s a little bit of extra length for those wanting to get even further.

This unit also includes winning blanks, just like the original Champion Series. But now, it comes with superior Fuji tangle-free guides and has Aconite inserts that set the next level for sensitivity, strength, and weight. It also has premium Fuji reel seats and the best quality AA cork handles that give excellent comfort. These features also help this rod to be extremely lightweight but well balanced in all aspects.

The rod is an excellent one for live bait. It has a super-sensitive bend that is more advantageous to use when jigging a lure. Although it’s a bit expensive for a lightweight rod, it’s well worth it.

Key Features:

  • Fuji graphite reel seats
  • ¼-¾ oz. lure weight
  • 7-feet medium fast action crankbait rod
  • Recommended for topwaters, jerk baits, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits


  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Extreme strength efficient
  • Quality materials used in construction


  • Can be a little stiff

What Are Crankbait Rods?

What Are Crankbait Rods?

To perform at their best potential, crankbaits need a substantially unique rod action compared to most lures. So if you are serious about crankbait fishing, you must be equipped with the correct equipment. And the biggest element in this jigsaw is the rod!

The best crankbait rods will flex, particularly towards their end. It’s the major distinction between basic crankbait rods and other bass rods available in the market. The bending amount of a rod is a measure of the impact of the rod.

Crankbaits need to bend this rod a certain amount to easily move to the sides and the range as designed. Those slower tips also help avoid hanging the bait when objects are discharged.

In addition to performance, a bass can catch the crankbait without immediate resistance and feeling any pressure. If the bass tries to swallow a lure, a sucking action is created, similar to a vacuum. A good rod makes it possible for bass to suck in the crankbait and hold it in longer without feeling the tug of the line. The best affordable crankbait rod for a minimal price is available in the market.

Uses of Crankbait Rods for Fishing

Crankbait rods are specially designed for fishing crankbaits and transmit more energy into the lure. They do it with a much softer but flexible action, adding more power to the rod blank. It creates an impact when the energy is released while casting. You can optimize casting for distance if it’s coupled with the right cranking reel.

Another important advantage to use more flexible pinning rods is a better hookup ratio. The natural response is to set the hook after you feel a thump. A fast hookset that has a rapid action rod can pull the bait off the mouth of a fish. The softer portion of the rod delays it just enough for the fish to catch the bait.

Also, fishing will be much less painful and frustrating. You’ll feel better and more relieved about the bait working in the bottom. The delay action of the soft tip helps the bait move off the objects rather than pull into them. The more you spend fishing with crankbaits, the better you learn to control it.

Buying Guide Of Best Budget Crankbait Rods

There are some crucial details that you should look into when you’re seeking a best quality crankbait rod. Below are some factors to consider.


Crankbait rods are usually 6.6 inches to 8 inches long. It differs from size to size as per the needs of the customers.

These long rods generate high power when cast, providing long-distance casts. And also offer exceptional control even in deeper waters.

However, you should go for one that best matches you. But if you’re an amateur at this, go for a standard size that’s right for you.


The size of these rods plays a part in how much strength they can hold. The lighter ones help cover longer distances while casting and allow the crankbait to run deep into the water. In contrast, heavy lines provide more strength and can help to get the heavy fish with ease.

Rod Action

Fast or medium-action rods are best for crankbaits. Although there’s a debate on this topic, some say that different rods are necessary for different situations.

The ones with a softer action delay the hook set, reducing the chances of ripping the hook out of the fish. The faster action ones have a better speed in setting the hook.

The medium-action rods can get longer casts. That way, the lure can reach a farther distance allowing the bait to get the time and distance to reach the deep waters.


It’s essential to go for the crankbait rod that uses the best material in construction. The strength and flexibility of these rods depend on what types of materials are being used in them.

The most common materials used in making these rods are fiberglass and graphite. Fiberglass is naturally more heavy than graphite but has a much lower action speed. On the other hand, graphite is lighter and has fast action. It’s also susceptible to an external force.


Good quality crankbait rods can cost somewhere between 50 to 150 dollars. Some premium quality rods cost around 200 dollars. The build quality and the additional features included with the rods generally increase the price. You can get the best crankbait rod under $100.


There are a lot of crankbait rods available in the market. It can be a difficult job for someone who doesn’t know what to look for specifically when searching for a rod. So, hopefully, this guide will help you find the best budget crankbait rod suitable for your needs. Happy fishing!

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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