9 Best Fishing Hacks to Catch More Fish 2023

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Fishing is fun! However, if you are into competitive fishing or one of your passions, catching enough fish to reach your goal could become a bit challenging.

Someday, all the fishes in the pond might rush to your bait like some hungry zombies, and, someday, they would just ignore like they know exactly what you are up to. And that’s when you need to come up with some special strategy to make them fall for your trap.

You know fishing gets more exciting when you are catching a fish on every cast. If you have been there for a long you know, it’s not impossible. In this article, we will learn some fishing hacks to catch more fish.

Best Fishing Hacks to Catch More Fish- Tricks for Angler

Fish has become more cleaver nowadays. We don’t know for sure whether global warming or evolution is behind this.

But what matters now is finding a solution. When you are a beginner, it could get quite tough for you. But no worries, we are here to help you out with our proven fishing hacks to catch more fish.

1. Organizing Your Hooks

When fishing, it’s essential to know how to change your fishing hooks quickly. You need to find the right size quickly to save your time. So, the simple solution here is to store all the similar-sized hooks together, and you can do this easily by threading those onto the safety pin.

After that, keep them in a specific compartment of the tackle box. Yeah, you can also apply this trick to organize the swivels.

2. Labeling the Fish Rods Using Colored Tape

It would be better if you could have a large collection of fishing rods. If you do, then you will be able to change to a different rod power fast. Also, it would help you to find the right one in a moment without having to go through all those details.

3. Get a Line Cutterz Ring

If you have been fishing for a long time, you must know that you need to cut and re-tie your fishing line often. So, if you have to do this by using your hand, you will see it would get quite challenging to handle both tasks at the same time. I used to utilize my teeth to cut the line and, then one day, I ended up cracking one of my teeth, and my dentist told me that was entirely dumb!

So, now I have become wise and started using the line cutterz ring when fishing. It has a double-sided blade that cuts any fishing line in no time.

4. Labeling Your Fishing Reel

When it comes to fishing, you know, you will have to change the fishing line size often. And the fastest and easiest way to do it is swapping out the reel with another one that was prepared with a different pound test line.

However, it could get a little bit confusing when you have multiple reels, as you might forget their line size. The easiest way of organizing the fishing reels matching the line type and their spooled size is using tape to label them with the information written on them. Yeah, you may also use a color-coding system.

5. Use Safety Pin to Fix the Damaged Lines

At times the line guides on your rod might get broken. Usually, people think that they wouldn’t be able to use that rod anymore without getting the line to a repair shop. But you can easily fix it by using a safety pin and duct tape.

What you have to do is bending the safety pin at a 90-degree angle. Then use tape to stick it with the rod. At the same time, the eye of the safety pin will be sticking out.

6. When Fish isn’t Responding Use Unconventional Baits

You will notice that the fish are losing their interest in the typical baits, as a result, they are not responding accordingly. In such a scenario, you got to come up with more exotic baits, such as cat food, hot dogs, marshmallows, and so on.

Especially, when it comes to catching catfish, you got to use as many rods as you can and experiment with different types of baits to see what they like on that particular day.

7. Using Bait Caster Birds Nest Fast

It sucks when the bait caster is backlashing just; at the moment, fish are falling like rain for your baits so, you have no choice but to prepare your next cast in the water as soon as you can.

But there’s a simple hack you can do to avoid such an issue, use your thumb to press down the spool and keep the handle rotating for about half a turn. This will be effective in releasing the line from the bird’s nest. Keep doing it until it works.

8. Gauge Net in Keeping the Soft Bits on the Hook

When using soft baits, it may fall off the hook or dissolve in the water. I know it’s quite frustrating when you see your baits have been vanished out of nowhere. For instance, when you are using cat food or chicken liver as baits, this tends to happen because of their soft consistency.

9. Sharpen the Hooks Using Nail File

Sometimes the point of the hook could become blunt. And when this happens, you may lose the fish especially, the moment of hook-setting. In such a case, you can utilize a nail file to sharpen the hook. You might want to use a diamond nail file as they are strong enough to handle this task.

Final Words

Fishing is an excellent way of taking a break from our stressful life. And when you can fish well, it feels truly great. You feel like a champion after catching that one big fish, and everyone is looking at you with wonder and clapping their hands to celebrate your achievement.

You know there’s a saying, “With the catching ends the pleasure of the chase.” But it’s not a child’s play, you know. Therefore, you got to know some special tactics to stand out. Learn the essential fishing hacks to catch more fish. We hope after reading this article that won’t be an issue.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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