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Even if you have managed to hook the heaviest of bass as your catch, it’s not guaranteed that it will make it to your boat. Unless you bag it in the fishing net properly, it’s not yours yet! This is why countless successful hooks don’t end up as catches.

Sometimes it’s the poor quality of the net to blame as bass tears its way through, and sometimes it’s the slippery grip that drowns the entire net. So, how do you know which one is the best landing net for striped bass fishing?

Well, in this piece, we are picking up some of the most useful landing nets for heavy fish like striped bass. If you are here looking for the same, fasten your seatbelts!

Top 5 Best Landing Net For Striped Bass Review

It took us a bit of time to skim through the countless options in the market to handpick the following 5. We took many vital features into account before selecting these landing nets. Here’s what we found.

1. PLUSINNO Fishing Net- Best Bass Fishing Landing Net

Make your fishing journey a bit more cozy with the Plusinno fishing net! This durable and robust telescopic net is just the one you need when it comes to not-so-friendly fish, like Bass. It’s extremely portable, compact, and convenient to use for any user.

What We Like

(+) Telescopic Expansion

You can easily extend and shrink the long handle of the net at your will. The telescopic features make it really convenient and simple. You can shorten the handle up to 7 inches as per your need.

(+) Durability

Its impressive durability should guarantee that no Bass is getting out of your hold. Its high-density carbon fiber mixed material provides optimum strength to pull it up. Again, the nylon mesh design makes it even stronger. Plus, its hexagonal format is simply perfect for the weight distribution, too.

(+) Skid-Proof Handle

It’s convenient handle is quite comfortable and easy-going for your hands. It doesn’t skid at all, and you can effectively hold on to it.

(+) Portable

Firstly, the net is entirely foldable. It shrinks up to one-third of its actual dimension when you fold it down. Then you can easily clip it on the back of your backpack to move around. Forget about carrying it with your hand. It’s simple, convenient, and easy.

Keep In Mind

(-) Beware of Rust

The folding joint of the net is prone to rust, and it may affect the folding mechanism. So, be sure to clean it regularly.

2. Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Landing Net

Top-class quality and durability – these are the core features that Wakeman offers with their landing net. Its thermal plastic net makes it really durable and allows it to withstand heavy fish jumping inside. The flat bottom makes it pretty much the one you need for a quick catch and release.

What We Like

(+) Strong Net

The net is designed with top-quality thermal plastic rubber material. This gives you two benefits at the same time. It’s strong and robust to handle big Bass. At the same time, its rubbery feature helps it to extend if needed.

(+) Durable handle

While most makers are cutting the cost with plastic handles, Wakeman brings in an aluminum handle for this net. Yes, it may add to the weight a bit, but the strength is going to be uncompromised.

(+) Suitable for catch-release

If you are planning for a competition to attend, think no further than this one. Its large opening and flat border are quite suitable for sudden catch and instant release.

(+) Wide Net

As we mentioned, the net comes 20X19X17 inches of opening that makes it an ideal choice for large Bass fish. Plus, its flat bottom allows enough space for stacking multiple fish pretty easily. It leaves no chance of contraction towards the bottom.

Keep In Mind

(-) Not Stainless Steel

Yes, this is something you need to take care of. The screws are not made from stainless steel and are subject to rust. Be careful while using it in saltwater.

3. Frabill 9510 Conservation Series Landing Net

Another performer on our leaderboard is the Frabill 9510 landing net. When most of the nets are threatened by rust and corrosion, Frabill 9510 stands aside with its saltwater-safe construction. Plus, the mesh material used to craft the net comes with impressive durability and strength. With its telescopic handle, you can easily reach out to maximum distance.

What We Like

(+) Saltwater Safe

As we have mentioned, the net is completely saltwater proof. It works brilliantly against rust and corrosion to support on a long-term basis. Even if you are not cleaning it up with fresh water after use, it’s still going to keep it safe.

(+) Telescopic Handle

The handle here can be extended and contracted as per your need. It works great as you can use it as a portable net. It’s easy to pack it in your bag once the handle is shrunk to the smallest size. Then again, you can instantly extend it for reaching out to any given distance, just like that.

(+) Knotless Netting

Made of mesh, the net here is cent percent knotless. You can expect zero knotting and tangling when you are using it underwater. Even if the heaviest Bass is caught in it, it’s still going to be as free as bought.

(+) SS Hardware

Apart from the net, the handle and other hardware of the setup is corrosion-resistant. This is a great relief as most of the nets out there become rusty over time due to non-stainless-steel construction.

Keep In Mind

(-) A Bit Heavy

Being made from stainless steel, it’s obviously a bit heavier than its counterparts. So, you need to adjust there a little.

4. PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net

How many times have you let go of a cheap fishing net in the water? If you are an avid angler, the number should be a lot, as these nets are always sunk if slipped out of your hands. Well, welcome to the future. The Plusinno floating fishing net will float on water if you somehow dropped it in the water. 

What We Like

(+) Floating Capacity

Of course, this is the most exciting feature of the net. It will float on water without getting sunk if dropped. This is because it has a couple of float tubes attached to two of the sides that give it buoyancy. That’s why it flawlessly floats on water.

(+) Telescopic Handle

The handle can shrink and expand upon your need. Its telescopic formation allows you to roam between 28 to 35 inches of length for the handle. This helps in carrying it around and also extends it to catch from a distance.

(+) Protective of Fish

Keeping the fish safe should be the first priority of an angler. That’s why the Plusinno floating net is built from Snagless coated nylon with a meshed finish. This material turns out to be gentle on the fish kin and doesn’t hurt it at all.

(+) Sturdy Body

Apart from the telescopic nature of the handle, it is also built from a mixture of fiberglass and carbon fiber. This makes the handle extremely durable and sturdy. Plus, its EVA handle makes sure it doesn’t slip off your hands, even if it is drawn.

Keep In Mind

(-) Hook Can Get Caught

Some of the customers expressed concerns that its rubber coating may get caught in the hook if not given proper attention.

5. YVLEEN Folding Fishing Net– Best Landing Net For Striped Bass

We wrap up our reviews for the best landing net for striped bass fishing with the YVLEEN folding fishing net. It’s an exciting combination of lightweight and durable design, which is a perfect fit for sea and river fishing. The convenient carriage system is also pretty useful if you are looking for mobility!

What We Like

(+) Durable Construction

Made from high-quality industrial nylon, the net is quite sturdy and robust. It will hardly tear apart when you are bagging heavyweight Bass in it. On the contrary, its soft and meshed finish proves to be safe and easy-going for the skin of the fish.

(+) Corrosion-Resistant Pole

The handle here is made from durable aluminum. However, it’s also coated with rust-resistant materials to keep it safe from corrosion and rust. This allows you to conveniently use it in saltwater.

(+) Portability

Apart from the lightweight profile, the net is also quite easy to carry. It has a belt clip on the upper side of the pole so that you can fold it down and easily carry it like a bag. Plus, the package includes a cover, as well, for safe transportation.

(+) Comfortable Grip

The handle is adorned with EVA material so that it doesn’t skid and slip. You can comfortably hold it even if you are battling with a heavyweight Bass!

Keep In Mind

(-) A Bit Small Handle

The 16-inch handle should give a bit of trouble if you are trying to reach a longer distance.

Beginners Guide For Buying The Best Landing Net For Striped Bass

As striped bass is one of the heaviest fishes out there, you may need to be extra careful while picking up a landing net for it. It’s nowhere less vital to an angler than a fishing rod and reel.

  • Top-Class Handle

One of the key components of a landing net is its handle. If you are planning on fishing from the side of the boat, a shorter handle will do. But if you need to pick the fish from a distance, consider a longer handle. As for the material, you can settle either for aluminum or stainless steel. Whatever the material is, make sure it is rust-proof.

  • Optimum Mesh

As for the mesh, there are different versions available, as well. If you are planning on catch & release fishing, you may consider rubber mesh as it’s soft on the skin and gills of fish. Another such soft mesh is the knotless micro-mesh that is both caring for the fish skin and lightweight, as well.

  • Net Bag Size

As you are up for striped bass fishing, you need to go for bigger and larger sizes of the net. Try to go for the nets that come in medium to large sizes. It’s always a good idea to pick the flat bottom design in this case, as it will be much more comfortable to house bass fish.

  • Portable

Portability is pretty crucial. You will need to carry the net with you around, and it should be comfortable. In this case, foldable design is going to work great for you. Look for the landing net that can be folded and reduced to at least half of its size. This way, you can easily pack it in your backpack and move.

Some of the foldable nets have a hook-like extension that can be used to hang it from the back of your backpack. This way, you won’t even need to put it inside. It will hang around just perfectly.

  • Floatable

The ability to float is one of the most desired features of a landing net. Anglers simply love it. It will always keep it safe from accidental slipping and drowning. Although the floating nets may come with a seemingly higher price than the regular ones, it is definitely worth it.

Final Words

It’s really a tough nut to crack to rely on only a few among hundreds of options in the market unless you use every single one of them. However, we did our best to compare the features and the user reviews to sort the most promising ones. If one of our picks for the best landing net for striped bass fishing serves your purpose, don’t hesitate to make a move!

Again, if you think you would enjoy exploring more, keep our buying guide handy for quick support. It will definitely land you on the right page. Happy fishing!

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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