11 Best Oil for Baitcasting Reels in the US – Updated 2024

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It’s a great feeling to use a baitcasting reel for the first time, as you can cast long distances with unparalleled smoothness. But is it always the same? Do you get the same smoothness 5 sessions later?

Well, that depends on whether you are taking proper care of the reel or not. And to address the elephant in the room, proper care translates to lubricating the reel parts. The more you ensure that you are oiling and greasing moving parts of a baitcasting reel, the better and smoother it will perform while you fish.

It’s always safe to use the best oil for baitcasting reels if you are to maintain the reel properly. Today, we are going to exhibit some of the most useful oil and lube options you can get from the market. If you are looking for the same, keep reading till the end!

Reviews For The Best Oil For Baitcaster

Best Oil for Baitcasting Reels

It took us more than 24 hours to pile up the best options we have on the market. We took customers’ reviews and experts’ comments to pick 11 products out of hundreds. The following section deals with the oil and grease options we have picked just for you.

1. Lucas Fishing Reel Oil Product – Best Oil for Baitcasting Reels

When it comes to fishing reel oilers, one of the most prominent brands that you can rely on is  Lucas 10690 reel oil. It’s handy, useful, and comes with a design that allows you to reach difficult parts of the fishing reel pretty easily.

Besides, it is specially designed for moving parts of the reel to keep your fishing gear active and well-performing throughout the year. With this baitcasting reel oil, you can effectively penetrate tight spaces and lubricate the miniature high-speed bearings and enjoy your fishing in both salt and fresh water.

Lucas Oil Product 10690

What We Like

(+) Special Blend

The best part is that Lucas Oil comes with a special blend of additives and oil particularly designed for parts of the fishing reel. You can use it on any type of fishing reel from baitcaster to spinning reel, whatever is the best suiting for you.

(+) Needle Applicator

It gets way easier to apply the oil on different difficult parts of the reel when you have the needle applicator with you. This allows you to pour a drop at a time to lube the sophisticated and hard-to-reach parts of the reel, such as miniature high-speed bearings.

(+) Rust and Corrosion Prevention

Like most high-quality lube oils, the Lucas 10690 also offers rust and corrosion prevention. You can easily use your reel on saltwater fishing without a doubt when you are lubing your gear with this lubricator. The oil not only just lubricates your baitcasting reel and makes it smooth it also protects the reel from rust corrosion, and friction damage.

(+) Non-Toxic Material

One of the best things about this Lucas synthetic oil is it is completely made of non-toxic material. Therefore, while using this oil if it falls into any part of your body, there is nothing to be worried about. But make sure it doesn’t enter your mouth or mix with your food, after all, it’s a chemical.

(+) Easy To Carry

The oil comes in a very convenient bottle and compact shape that easily fits into your fishing tackle box. Hence, you can easily carry it to your fishing spot and use it whenever you need it to lubricate your baitcasting reel.

Keep In Mind

(-) Expensive

For the small bottle, the price is a bit higher if the amount you get is considered. However, if you are not on a tight budget, then this is not something to worry about.

(-) 1-ounce Bottle

The Lucas reel oil comes in a 1-ounce bottle, so you’ll need a quick refill if you are fishing more frequently.

Technical Details

  • Brand: Lucas Oil
  • Material: Blend
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • Color: Others
  • Item Weight: 0.03 Kilograms


Lucas 10690 is one of the best baitcasting reel oil for hobbyists and professional anglers. This needle applicator oil is designed to reach your baitcasting reel’s moving small parts. Besides, the oil lubricates your reel and protects the reel from corrosion and rust regardless of its use condition in saltwater or freshwater. Its compact shape allows you to carry it effortlessly to your fishing spot and let you enjoy your fishing to the fullest.

2. PENN Precision Reel Oil – Best Fishing Reel Oil

Look no further than Penn Reel oil if you’re looking for a professional-grade baitcasting reel oil to lubricate your fishing reel and protect its component from rust and corrosion.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, the Penn Reel oil is pretty much all that you need to lubricate different parts of your fishing reel. From ball bearings to the handle knobs and line rollers, you can lubricate every part of your fishing reel with this one.

PENN Precision Reel Oil

What We Like

(+) Professional Grade

The lubricant isn’t just regular oil; it’s made with the highest quality materials for the best results and smoothness of your casting. That’s why it is well-known and relied upon as a lubricant for professional anglers.

(+) Protection Against Corrosion

The best part is, that the lubrication offers superior protection against corrosion and rust. It safeguards the reel while using it in saltwater.

(+) Applicable On Many Parts

You can easily apply the lube on ball bearings, handle knobs, line rollers, and worm gears. This one is a ‘one-lube that fits all’ product, giving you the ultimate lubrication support for every part of your fishing reel.

(+) Withstand In Cold Temperature

If you’re an ice angler or fishing in a cold temperature finding a suitable oil for a baitcasting reel is a challenging task due to the lack of availability of the right product. This is because regular reel oil turns into solid or gum in cold conditions, but this reel oil from PENN Precision is different. It won’t turn solid or gum in cold temperatures.

(+)  4-ounce Dripper Bottle

One typical complexity of baitcasting reel oil is its small size and less amount of oil. Therefore, anglers need to refill the oil more frequently or have to buy more units at a time. But the good thing is PENN Precision comes with a 4-ounce dripper bottle three to four times bigger than average reel oil.

Keep In Mind

(-) No Fine Tip

It comes with a wide tip that makes it difficult to use it in places where a precision application is needed. It should have included a fine tip.

(-) No Synthetic Oil

The majority of its users are confessed that it’s an excellent oil for a baitcasting reel, but some of them complain that it’s not synthetic oil.

Technical Details

  • Brand: PENN
  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Item Weight: 4 Ounces


PENN Precision is an exceptional quality professional-grade baitcasting reel oil. With this reel oil, you can perfectly lubricate the handle knobs, worm gears, ball bearings, line rollers, and other small reel components. Applying this reel oil on your baitcasting reel makes it smooth and protects it from rust and resistance. Besides, it comes with a 4-ounce dripper bottle of oil that you can conveniently carry with other fishing instruments.

3. Abu Garcia Fishing Reel Oil & Grease – Best Lube For Fishing Reel

Very few words are needed to describe the quality of Abu Garcia when it comes to fishing gear and accessories. The same applies to the reel oil and grease that comes from their house! Introducing the reel oil and grease from Abu Garcia. You can pick both or any of the two as per your need. The grease works best on baitcast reel, whereas the oil works fine with any type of reel on the market.

Abu Garcia Fishing Reel Oil

What We Like

(+) Low Viscosity Formula

What bothers most anglers is the viscosity of the grease when applied to certain parts of the reel. The thick remainders are really annoying and hard to decrease over time, which means it’s pretty tough to handle. This grease here comes with a low viscosity formula that lets you get rid of the useless thickness.

(+) Protection Against Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are two of the most feared issues for any angler when it comes to managing their fishing reels, especially if those reels are not self-protected by the building materials. Thanks to the grease here, it can add a layer of protection for keeping the reel safe from such wear out.

(+) Heat And Cold Resistant

Another impressive feature of this grease is that it can perform equally in both hot and cold temperatures. That’s because it is manufactured with cold and heat resistance to allow it to deliver equal performance in both situations.

(+) Excellent for High-performance Components

Abu Garcia Reel Grease is an outstanding grease for high-performance components of a baitcasting reel, such as ball bearings, handle knobs, line rollers, and other parts in between. The grease makes these components smooth and protects them from friction damage.

(+) Specially Designed For Baitcasting Reels

You’ll indeed have plenty of options when looking for baitcasting reel oil, but you’ll rarely find something designed explicitly for a baitcasting reel. Well, this grease from Abu Garcia is exceptional here. It is specially designed for a baitcasting reel. You will get top-quality smoothness regardless of your fishing condition in salt or freshwater.

Keep In Mind

(-) Expensive

As the grease is from Abu Garcia, the price is a bit higher than most common grease brands in the market.

(-)Only 1 Oz

The size of this baitcasting reel grease is only 1 oz. So, if you’re fishing more frequently you’ll need many of them.

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎Abu Garcia
  • Item Weight: ‎0.1 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Other


If you’re looking for a specialized grease or oil for your baitcasting reel, then this one from Abu Garcia should be your top choice. It’s a low viscosity grease that works outstanding with all the running components of your reel. The grease makes the reel very smooth and protects it from rust and corrosion. Plus, the grease is hot and cold temperature resistant, so the weather can’t impact it.

4. Daiwa Reel Oiler – Best Oil For Fishing Reels

Looking for something handy yet powerful and useful? Well, there’s always an option that suits your needs! Thanks to Daiwa for thinking of the obvious need that most of us have. They have introduced the 64110100 reel oiler that comes with a one-drop lubing system. You can easily lube the exact point where you need to lube with precision and comfort.

Daiwa Reel Oiler

What We Like

(+) Precise Application

The way it is designed, you can easily pour only a drop at a time from the container. That’s why it gets really easy to lubricate different parts of the reel with precision. You can reach the exact area, thanks to its fine tip design.

(+) Crystal Clear Tube

Unlike other spray bottles in the market, the tube here is crystal clear. You can easily see what’s inside and how much is left. It gets easier for you to get to know when the tube is running out of oil so that you can reorder.

(+) Handy

This goes beyond explaining that the tube is pretty much handy. You can easily put it inside your pocket and carry it around with you because of its pen-like design and compact shape. This gets really handy when you need to continuously lube some parts of the reel while you are fishing.

(+) Protect From Rust And Corrosion

Baitcasting reels are easily prone to rust and corrosion if used in saltwater more frequently. But when you have Daiwa reel oil with you, you don’t need to worry about this matter at all. Its unique design assists you in the precise application of the oil in your baitcasting reel to make all the running components smooth and effective. Moreover, lubrication also helps to avoid friction, rust, corrosion, and wear and tear.

(+) Low Viscosity

One of the most common problems you’ll experience with low-quality oil is their solid additives characteristics which tend to gum up and cause friction. That’s not going to happen with Daiwa’s reel oil because the oil is light and less viscous. Therefore, the oil not only penetrates but also ensures it doesn’t get solidified or washed away.

Keep In Mind

(-) One Size

As it comes in a one-size variant, you may need to order frequently or buy a few units at once.

(-) Tip Applicator Tends To Blocked

Although the majority of its users love this oil because of its precise application, some users complain that the tip applicator gets blocked sometimes.

Technical Details

  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Material: Other
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • Color: CLEAR
  • Item Weight: 0.8 Ounces


The Daiwa reel oil is one of the best reel oil for its effective oil, unique design, and precise application. It comes with a convenient tube with a pocket clip that allows you to carry it in your fishing jacket or tackle box easily. The needle tip of this oil assists you in one drop application for effective oil penetration. Besides, the oil not only makes all the running components of the reel smooth but also protects them from rust and corrosion.

5. PENN Angler Pack Clear – Best Fishing Reel Oil and Lube

Another excellent best fishing reel oil and lube pack from Penn is the Angler Pack oil and lube. This one is a combo pack that comes with an oil bottle and a grease pack. You can apply both the oil and the grease to different parts of the reel conveniently. With optimum protection from wear, corrosion, and rust, the pack is just the one you need to keep with you.

PENN Angler Pack Clear

What We Like

(+) Multiple Application

The pack is the perfect solution to lube all the parts of your fishing reel. You can apply it on line rollers, worm gears, ball bearings, and even handle knobs. This combo pack covers every part of your fishing reel.

(+) Corrosion and Rust Protection

As mentioned earlier, both the oil and grease offer maximum protection against corrosion and rust. You can apply the solution to different parts of the reel and use it for saltwater fishing without any hesitation.

(+) Little Application

Unlike most other options in the market, you don’t need to use a chunk of grease for the lubrication process. All you need to do is just use a bit of grease every time you need to lube, and that will do much more than usual.

(+) 0.5-Ounce Oil Dripper Bottle

PENN Angler Pack Clear comes with a 0.5-ounce dripper bottle which makes the lubrication process easier and allows you to apply the oil into the reel running component precisely.

(+)  1-Ounce Tub of Grease

One of the most significant facts about PENN Angler Pack is it’s a combo pack of Synthetic reel oil and precision reel grease. So, besides 0.5-ounce reel oil, you’ll also get a 1-ounce tub of grease for making your baitcasting reel smooth and effective.

Keep In Mind

(-) Grease Is Thick

If you are planning to apply the grease through a syringe, it will be a bit difficult as these are pretty thick to be put through such a tube.

(-) Less Amount of Reel Oil

With PENN Angler Pack Clear, you’ll only get 0.5-ounce reel oil which is comparatively a smaller pack if you catch fish more frequently.

Technical Details

  • Brand: PENN
  • Item Weight: ‎0.5 Ounces
  • Color: ‎Clear
  • Material: ‎Blend


If you are looking for a combo pack of synthetic oil and precision grease for your baitcasting reel, then  PENN Angler Pack is the ultimate choice. The oil and grease are made of high-quality materials that will perfectly lubricate the reel components and protect them from rust and corrosion. The application of oil and grease last for a long time and effectively work in both salt and freshwater condition.

6. Clenzoil Marine & Tackle – Best Fishing Reel Oil

Nothing is better than having a combo pack that comes with grease, a sprayer, and a needle oiler. Yes, that’s what you get when you own the Clenzoil Marine & Tackle fishing reel oil. The combo pack offers excellent service, and you can pretty much cover all the necessary cleaning and lubing of your reel parts.

Clenzoil Marine & Tackle

What We Like

(+)  Needle Oiler and Spray

The fact that the combo pack comes with both a needle oiler and a spray is really useful. You can use the needle to reach places where precision oiling is needed. This makes it very handy to lube hard-to-reach areas. On the other hand, a sprayer can help you lube a wide surface without putting much effort into it.

(+) Grease Doesn’t Wash Out

Unlike cheaper alternatives, the grease doesn’t wash out easily. The retention rate is high, and you can expect continuous performance from it. It works best on drag and gear parts of the reel.

(+)  Microfiber Towel And Swabs

After applying the grease and oil for lubrication, if there is any excess spray that remains over the reel counterparts, you can easily wipe them with the included microfiber towel and cotton swabs. Hence, you don’t need to look here and there to maintain cleanliness.

(+) Rust Resistance

Not to mention, the grease offers excellent rust and corrosion resistance for the reel parts. Now, you can use the reel in any water, whether fresh or salty, without any issue of rusting or corroding.

Keep In Mind

(-) Syringe Issue

The syringe that comes with the pack has a hard time letting the grease out. You may want to look for an alternative to the syringe for this purpose.

(-) High Price

As it’s a combo package, the product’s price is a bit higher. However, if the price is not an issue for you, you can go for it.

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎CLENZOIL
  • Package Weight: ‎0.19 Kilograms
  • Item Package Dimensions: L × W × H, ‎7.36 × 4.69 × 1.26 inches


Clenzoil Marine & Tackle is a complete package for baitcasting reel maintenance. This all-in-one maintenance kit features a needle oiler, pump sprayer, and synthetic grease all together to lubricate all the parts of your baitcasting reel. Besides, it also includes a microfiber cloth and cotton swabs for better cleanliness and maintenance.

7. Ardent Freshwater Reel Care – Best Fishing Reel Cleaner

Ardents Freshwater Reel care comes with a complete package to take care of your fishing reel. In packs of butter grease, butter oil, and a Kleen cleaner. You can use the cleaner to clean all the parts of the reel before you apply the grease; it makes lubing way easier and more convenient for you. On top of all, the grease offers rust prevention pretty effectively. If you are looking for the best grease for a fishing reel, here’s your bet.

Ardent Freshwater Reel Care

What We Like

(+) Three in One

What makes this package stand out from the rest is its three-in-one packaging. It includes butter grease for greasing, a cleaner to clean the surface before applying the lube, and butter oil if you are not applying the grease.

(+) Rust Prevention

The grease works as a lube plus a protector of the parts from rust. Even if you are supposed to apply it on freshwater reels, as it can take care of rust, you can use the reel in saltwater, as well.

(+) Kleen Cleaner

An interesting part of this lube setup is the reel Kleen cleaner. You can use it to dissolve the dirt and dust that are already on the parts. Plus, you can also get rid of the previous grease that has left a thick layer on the surface.

(+) Specialized For Freshwater

For people who more often fish in freshwater areas, this Ardents Freshwater Reel care is one of the best options. This is because the properties used in the construction of Ardent reel care oil and grease are dedicated materials for freshwater conditions.

(+) Complete Maintenance Package

Very few baitcasting reel oil comes with a complete maintenance package, and this one from Ardent is one of them. Before oiling or greasing the reel components, you need to completely clean the dust and dirt.

To assist you in the cleaning process, it comes with a reel klean clear which effectively removes all the dust and grease. After cleaning the components, you have both oil and grease options to lubricate your reel, and that’s why it’s considered a complete maintenance package.

Keep In Mind

(-) Can’t Purchase Individual Item

Many people want to purchase an individual item from this brand, but there is no option for them.

(-) Total Package Costs More

As you need to purchase the complete package, you need to spend a bit more than you pay for any individual solution.

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎Ardent
  • Item Weight: ‎0.19 Pounds
  • Color: ‎Multi
  • Material: ‎Blend


Maintaining your baitcasting reel becomes super-easy with Ardents Freshwater Reel care. It’s a complete maintenance package for the baitcasting reel. The package includes a Reel Klean Clear for removing the dirt and grease and Reel Butter oil and grease for lubricating the reel components and protecting them from rust and corrosion.

8. Quantum Hot Sauce – Best Oil For Fishing Reel Bearings

Another top-class reel oil on our list is the Quantum Hot Sauce Fishing reel oil. This 100% synthetic oil is one of the most effective reel oils we have checked out till now. Its low viscosity and noise reduction components work perfectly for a smoothly operating fishing reel, regardless of the type. It also effectively sets a protective layer on the reel parts to keep rust and corrosion prevented.

Quantum Hot Sauce

What We Like

(+) Fully Synthetic Oil

The oil is 100% synthetic and works perfectly for both baitcaster and spinning reels. Besides, the tube comes with a tipped head that makes it easy to apply on certain parts of the reel and allows you to take great care of your gear.

(+) Low Viscosity

Its effective low viscosity makes it easier for you to apply it through the thin tube. Then again, it works excellently when the reel bearings are making a lot of noise. It reduces the noise pretty well, too.

(+) Corrosion-Resistance

The oil forms a protective layer on the surface of the reel parts to fight against corrosion. This means you can use the reel in saltwater without having to worry about rust and corrosion issues.

(+) Lubrication Last For Longer

Quantum Hot Sauce Fishing reel oil is ruling the market with its long-lasting lubrication facility.  By applying a minimal amount of oil to the reel, you can enjoy a stable, smooth performance. Moreover, you don’t need to use lubrication oil more frequently because of its long-lasting properties.

(+) Lighting Fast Output

This lubrication oil is 100% synthetic, and it’s engineered top-quality material to provide smooth, durable, and high-performance lubrication. Moreover, the oil has low viscosity and friction modifier properties to give you a lightning-fast movement with your reel spool rotation. Hence, you can reel the bigger one quicker than ever.

Keep In Mind

(-) Large Opening

The tube is great, but the large opening of the tube often lets more than necessary oil come out. You have to be pretty careful in this case.

(-) Attract Dirt

The quality of this lubrication oil is top-notch, and the minimal application works outstanding. However, applying much of this lubrication oil will attract dirt like the flower attracts bees. Less is more for this baitcasting reel oil.

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎Quantum
  • Package Weight: ‎0.07 Kilograms
  • Color: Red
  • Material: ‎Other


If you’re looking for a top-quality baitcasting reel oil, the Quantum Hot Sauce reel oil should be on your priority list. It’s a 100% synthetic oil with low viscosity and friction modifier properties that offers smooth and quiet performance, superior protection, and long-lasting lubrication.

9. Extant Labs Reel Care Combo – Best Fishing Reel Oil and Grease

Extant Labs offers a reel care combo that every angler longs for. The grease gel and oil combo pack offers every lube solution you need for your fishing reel. The reel defense is a gel-grease, while the Starcaster is a high-speed bearing oil. Made from top-quality materials, these lube solutions ensure the best performance for your fishing reel. Most anglers will find them to be the best fishing reel oil and grease option on the market right now.

What We Like

(+) Lower Friction On Bearings

Using the Starcaster lube oil on the bearings, you can reduce the level of friction of the bearings and make them smooth to operate. This will also lower the noise and allow you to enjoy a silent performance.

(+) Corrosion Inhibitors

The grease and oil are both equipped with corrosion inhibitors that protect the reel parts from salts in the saltwater. This prevents the reel from becoming rusty and corroded. This way, you can make sure that you can use the reel for a long time.

(+) All Climate Application

The best part is, that the grease and oil can be used in a variety of climates. From -50 degrees F to 150 degrees F, the solutions work the same.

(+) Long-lasting Lubrication

Extant Labs’ is famous for producing top-quality aerospace-grade lubrication for your baitcasting reel. The premium quality of this brand ensures that it won’t evaporate/gum up after applying. Therefore, you’ll enjoy the smooth and long-lasting performance and powerful protection from rust and corrosion.

(+) Non-Toxic Materials

Lubrication oil or grease are chemical properties, but the good thing is Extant Labs reel care oil and grease are human-friendly materials and contain no harmful fluorocarbon lubricants. So, you can stay relaxed while dealing with this lubricant.

Keep In Mind

(-) Leakage Issue

The oil dispenser has a leaking tendency as it has some back pressure on it. You have to be extra careful while using it.

(-) Issue With Grease

Most of its users are highly satisfied with this lubrication oil and grease, but some complained that the grease is not up to the mark as expected.

Technical Details

  • Brand: Extant Labs
  • Material: Gel
  • Package Weight: 0.07 Kilograms
  • Liquid Volume: 10 Milliliters


A combo of oil and grease is always worth comparing to a particular oil or grease for a baitcasting reel. There are different fishing conditions where you may have to swap grease and oil for better lubricating your baitcasting reel. The oil and grease of Extant Labs are premium quality aerospace-grade. Hence, you’ll enjoy the smooth lubrication and protection against rust and corrosion for an extended time.

10. PENN Reel Grease – Best Grease For Fishing Reels

Another masterpiece from PENN is the 2 ox Reel Grease that comes in a handy container. For those who prefer grease over oil; PENN reel grease is the perfect pot of grease to collect for them. It comes with an advanced technology that offers thermal resistance and oxidation. Plus, it can also be used in a variety of temperature ranges.

PENN Reel Grease

What We Like

(+) Rust Protection

Unlike conventional grease, the Penn grease offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion to keep the inner parts of the reel safeguarded. While most grease concentrates on lubrication, this one focuses on long-term durability.

(+) Wide Range Of Temperature

No matter what temperature you are working in, you can pretty much easily apply the grease to the reel. It perfectly works on different ranges of temperatures to keep the reel well-prepared for fishing throughout the year.

(+) Thermal Resistance

The grease uses advanced technology that aids in an excellent oxidation process and offers optimum thermal resistance. This ensures that the reel can perform well over the years pretty smoothly.

(+) Super Smooth

Lubricating your baitcasting reel is crucial for enjoying a smooth performance. This PENN Reel Grease is formulated for higher load capacity bearings and gears.  Besides, it’s a water-stable lubricant compatible with all metal & plastics components. Hence, you’ll enjoy a super-smooth performance without causing any harm to your fishing line.

(+) Last Longer

One of the best things about Penn grease is it will last for a longer time after each application. The grease is so viscous that it won’t wash out too quickly, which reduces the need for constant reapplication. Moreover, it precisely stays on the parts of the reel you apply and doesn’t spread out all over the place, ensuring its longevity.

Keep In Mind

(-) Not For Cold Weather

Although it can perform well for a wide range of temperatures, it won’t perform equally in cold weather.

(-) Harder to Apply The Grease

The grease is super thick and so vicious that applying it to your baitcasting reel requires a bit of hard work. Besides, no dripper or syringe comes along with that; therefore, it could be a bit challenging for you.

Technical Details

  • Brand: PENN
  • Material: Oil
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Item Weight: 2 Ounces


If you want superior lubricity, high-load carrying capacity, water stability, rust protection, etc., from a baitcasting reel grease, the PENN Reel Grease should be one of the best options. Moreover, its advanced formulation process makes it an incredible lubricant to withstand different temperature ranges. The grease stays long-time on your baitcasting reel, and you’ll get superior smoothness and solid protection for an extended time.

11. Corrosion Technologies Reel – Best Oil For Baitcasting Reels

Finally, we wrap up our quest for the best oil for baitcasting reels with the Corrosion Technologies Reel X 77000. If you are worried about the safety of the plastic parts of your reel or even wondering that the monolines can get damaged using grease and oil, you can easily pick this one. It is specially made for fishing reels and ensures enough safety for sensitive parts, too.

What We Like

(+) Convenient Package

The lube oil is packed in a tube with a fine tip that allows you to put it anywhere you want. It can get easy access to narrow spaces and make sure that you are lubing every single crucial part of your fishing reel.

(+) Not Harmful to Plastic

If your fishing reel has a number of plastic parts, the lube oil will not cause any harm to those areas. Neither the PTFE, plastic nor the monofilament will be damaged by the oil, even if you are using it repetitively.

(+) Never Gums Up

Another notice-worthy feature of the oil is it contains no tar, wax, or silicone that can get gummed up. So, you can rest assured that it will remain oily in different parts and keep it easy and simple for you to clean it up later.

(+) Super Smooth And Solid Protection

Corrosion Technologies use an advanced quality reel oil to make your baitcasting reel extremely smooth and protect them from rust and corrosion.

(+) Thin Film Coating Technology

This lubrication is made with thin-film coating technology which is about 10 microns thick, and it seals the reel surface to avoid moisture buildup.

Keep In Mind

(-) Strong Smell

The oil smells pretty strong which may be a bit awkward for some users, but it’s not something that should prevent you from using it.

(-) May contain Toxic Elements

This lubrication may contain harmful additives, so you need to be cautious while using it. Keep this oil away from children and your mouth and eyes.

Technical Details

  • Brand: ‎CorrosionX
  • Package Weight: ‎0.04 Kilograms
  • Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H, ‎4.72 x 2.28 x 2.24 inches
  • Material: ‎Double-Knit-fabric


For people who looking for cost-effective options while selecting a baitcasting reel, the Corrosion Technologies Reel oil is a great option for them. By using this lubricating oil you can improve your reel performance and protect the reel from rust and corrosion. Besides, the unique construction of this lubricating oil ensures that the oil won’t gum up or evaporate.

Ultimate Buying Guide: Best Oil For Baitcasting Reels

A Complete Guide While Buying The Best Oil For Baitcasting Reels

So, you are up for the best grease and oil for fishing reels, right? Well, before you jump into getting one from the list, make sure you are keeping the following points in mind.

Method of Application

Lube oil can come in either a tube with a needle head or a dripper bottle. If you need to reach the narrow parts of the reel, it’s always better to go for a fine tip or needle head. It also reduces the excess use of lubrication oil while ensuring practical application.


Most lube oil and grease products are corrosion and rust-resistant. This gives it a free pass for the reel to be used in saltwater. Make sure the one you pick comes with corrosion-resistant components. Once you ensure that your selected oil has rust and corrosion protection ability, you can fish in saltwater without any worries.


Viscosity refers to the thickness of the lube. Grease is usually pretty thick and stays on the surface for a long time. However, thin oil can offer better performance for reducing friction. So, choose wisely, and you may need both low and high viscosity based on your fishing type.

Thermal Stability

Cheap and low-quality grease and oil can be affected by extreme weather. This is not something you would like to use. The best lube for fishing reels withstands different temperatures and weather to perform equally.

Water Resistance

Although you may not want to use a reel immediately after lubing it with grease and oil, it’s better to make sure that the lube substances are water-resistant. It gives you more flexibility and keeps you stress-free even if the reel submerges into water.

How To Lubricate A Baitcasting Fishing Reel?

how to lubricate a baitcasting reel - step by step

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to lubricate your fishing reel.

Step- 1: Firstly, you need to flick the fishing reel. When you flick it, you may need to lubricate it if it will spin around no more than 11 times.

Step-2: Secondly, if you are sure that you need to lube it, then start by washing the exterior of the reel with warm soapy water to get rid of dust and dirt. You’ll also find a dedicated cleaning agent to remove the dirt and grease.

Step-3: Thirdly, unscrew the retainer of the spool, and split it out. Keep the screws in a secured place for further use. And if you unscrewed the reel for the first time, take some photos of the reel with your smartphone. It will help you a lot in the time of reassembling.

Step-4: Fourthly, wash the inner parts with warm soapy water as well. Use a brush to clean the gears of the spool. Don’t leave any trace of dirt and previous application of grease.

Step-5: Now, use the reel grease or oil on the bearings, gears, and different knobs and enjoy your fishing at its best.

(NB. Let the parts dry up for a bit, then join all the parts and screw them together.)

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Now that you have come through the best oil for baitcasting reels review, you have got a complete idea about the product. But still, there might be a few questions that arise in your mind. Have a look at the below section to know most of the answers to these questions.

1. Do I Need to Oil My Fishing Reel?

It’s a ubiquitous question, and almost every angler once asked this question whether they need to oil their fishing reel or not? Well, in that case, the answer is “BIG YES.” You must lubricate your fishing reel if you want smoothness and top-notch performance and protect your fishing reel from rust and corrosion.

Even some fishing reels are available in the market that requires instant oiling before the very first use once you purchase them. This is because those reels come with insufficient oil, and you won’t get the utmost performance if you don’t lubricate them properly before use.

Lubricating or oiling the fishing reel is crucial because they are made of many small running parts. The oil ensures that all the running components remain smooth without friction. Besides smoothness, the oil also works as a protective layer for the reel components and ensures a long lifespan by protecting them from rust and corrosion.

2. How Often Should I Oil My Fishing Reel?

Before oiling your fishing reel, you should know how often you should do that. Although, there is no straight answer to these questions as it mostly depends on the frequency of your fishing reel uses, to be exact. It’s crucial to complete the basic cleaning after every use, and thorough cleaning must perform once a year. And don’t forget to lubricate your fishing reel whenever you disassemble them.

However, if you’re a recreational angler, oiling your fishing reel once or twice a year would be fine. This is because as a recreational angler, you’ll most probably go fishing on your weekend or during the vacations. Therefore, you’ll put less pressure on your fishing reel. But professionals have to lubricate their fishing reel more frequently, and they know it better when they need to oil their fishing reel.

  • Oil your fishing reel once a year – if you’re a recreational angler.
  • Oil your fishing reel twice or more often – if you’re doing it professionally.

NB. The rule of thumb is “regular oiling or lubricating your fishing reel.” Don’t wait for your reel to show the sign of lack of oiling; it’ll reduce the lifespan of your fishing reel. Oil your fishing reel before it shows any indication, and enjoy your fishing to its best. 

3. Where do You Oil a Fishing Reel? (Which Parts)

Whether you’re a recreational or a professional angler, knowing where to oil your fishing reel will give you a significant advantage in your fishing time. This is because a fishing reel has a lot of components that require lubrication. Below are the parts that need lubrication when you start oiling your fishing reel.

  • Main Shaft.
  • Bail arm springs
  • Line Roller
  • Knobs
  • Bearings
  • Anti-reverse bearings
  • Gears
  • Handles, etc.

NB. Before starting oiling, your reel components, make sure there is no dust or old grease on the reel components. Clean them properly and make sure the reel is ready for lubrication.

4. What Can I Use to Oil My Baitcasting Reel?

What I can use to oil my baitcasting reel is one of the top questions asked by most anglers, especially beginners. If you look for the answer online, you’ll find numerous solutions, but the problem is most of them are irrelevant and misinformation.

When you don’t have dedicated baitcasting reel oil, you can use anything to lubricate your baitcasting reel once or twice, maximum. In the long run, you can’t use any typical oil to lubricate your baitcasting reel as it will cause more harm than assist in the lubricating process.

The expert’s suggestion is always to use a dedicated and safe product for lubricating or cleaning your baitcasting reel. Dedicated baitcasting oil indeed costs more, but it will help you in the long run. Hence, consider it an investment.

You won’t use any unfamiliar oil in your car, so follow the same principle with your baitcasting reel. To conclude the answer to this question, we suggest you go for a safe and dedicated baitcasting reel oil with a particular density and anti-corrosion properties. Also, focus on other features that boost the reel performance.

5. Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Baitcasting Reels?

When you’re looking for an oil that you can use on your baitcasting reel, there is an extensive list that you can’t use with your baitcasting reel. Vegetable oil is one of these. Moreover, you can’t use any kind of kitchen oil or grease on your baitcasting reel. This is because vegetable oil and other kitchen oil have entirely different properties than the oil required for reel oil.

Furthermore, this type of oil has a viscosity that increases in cold temperatures. Every oil indeed has an impact on outside temperature, but vegetable oil has a significant effect. Besides, these oils wash out faster, so you won’t get the necessary lubrication for your baitcasting reel.

Final Words

A baitcasting reel is not a cheap reel to have. The mechanism is sophisticated and complex at the same time. That’s why it gives you tons of leverage while casting and reeling the line back.

If you want the reel to perform consistently, you don’t have any choice other than to use the best oil for baitcasting reels. We believe you have already made up your mind as we have come up with some of the most promising and useful oiling products for you.

However, you can easily pick the PENN Fishing PENNReel Oil Multi-Color 4 oz for its consistent and amazing performance. It’s a professional-grade reel oil that makes your reel super smooth and gives complete protection against rust and corrosion. With this reel oil, you can lubricate every component of your reel, such as ball bearings, handle knobs, line rollers, etc.

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