Best Spinning Reel For Bass For The Money – Of All Time

No matter how novice or expert an angler you are, there’s always room for you to explore the best spinning reel for bass for the money of all time. Being one of the simplest fishing reels in the reel family, a spinning reel can get you your desired catch, of course, if you have a pack of useful lures! A spinning reel can reach a higher distance than no other reels can, so that’s where you outplay your buddies!

However, picking up any random spinning reel from the market is not enough to make it count. You need to make sure it comes with satisfactory build quality, useful gear ratio, enough ball bearings, and many more! So, how do you choose from thousands? Well, here’s where we come to play.

Best Spinning Reel Of All Time
Shimano Catana FD
Shimano Catana FD
  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Multi
  • Weight: 0.3 Kilograms
  • Dimensions: ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Size: ‎One Size
  • Sport Type: ‎Fishing
  • Fishing Technique: ‎Spinning
Best Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing
Daiwa Spinning Fishing Reels
Daiwa Spinning Fishing Reels
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Size: ‎8000
  • Weight: 590 Grams
  • Sport Type: ‎Fishing
  • Fishing Line Type: Braided
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Best Freshwater Spinning Reels
Okuma Avenger Graphite Body
Okuma Avenger Graphite Body
  • Material: Graphite
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 20 Ounces
  •  Dimension: ‎7 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Fishing Line Type: Monofilament
  • Size: ‎AV-10000

Comparison Chart:

Best Spinning ReelBest forBrandMaterialsWeightFishing Technique
Shimano Catana FDBest Spinning Reel Of All TimeSHIMANOBlend0.3 KilogramsSpinning
Daiwa Spinning Fishing ReelsBest Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing DaiwaStainless Steel, Aluminum590 GramsSpinning
Okuma Avenger Graphite BodyBest Freshwater Spinning Reels OkumaGraphite20 OuncesSpinning 
Daiwa 16 JOINUSBest Spinning Reels For BassDaiwa
Shimano SiennaBest Spinning Reel For The MoneyShimanoBlend14.4 Ounces‎Spinning
Okuma Avenger ABFBest Spinning Reel For Bass Of All TImeOKUMA FISHING TACKLEOther0.44 PoundsSpinning 
SHIMANO FXBest Spinning Reel For Bass Under $100SHIMANOBlend9.6 Ounces‎Spinning
Hunter’s Tail HB & FB SeriesBest Spinning Reels For Bass FishingHunter’sBlend0.2 KilogramsSpinning 
Pflueger MONICEB MonarchBest Ice Fishing Spinning ReelPfluegerGraphite‎0.23 KilogramsSpinning 
RUNCL RORAIMABest Spinning Reel Under $50RUNCLStainless Steel, Aluminum‎0.46 KilogramsCasting, Spinning
Quantum OptixBest Size Spinning Reel For Bass QuantumBlend‎0.57 KilogramsSpinning
Abu Garcia Black Max & Max XBest Spinning Reel For Bass For The MoneyAbu GarciaAluminum0.03 KilogramsSpinning

Top 12 Best Spinning Reel Review For Bass For The Money

It wasn’t an easy job picking up only 12 from thousands. Still, we took our time and analyzed different options, and selected these 12 spinning reels for your consideration. So, here we go! 


1. Shimano Catana FD: Best Spinning Reel Of All Time

To begin with, we have the Shimano CAT100FD Catana on the top of our list. Avid anglers will definitely agree here that Shimano has a history of producing top-class fishing reels and the spinning reel category is of no difference. From the making to the actual operation, the CAT1000FD Catana is a masterpiece from the producers.

The build quality here is excellent. Why do we say that? Well, when it’s diecast aluminum all over the place, you can surely tell it’s going to be a durable and rigid one, for sure. From the inner zone to the outer zone up to the bail, the CAT1000FD Catana screams robust construction because of the diecast aluminum material.

As for the performance, it’s also a hard-to-beat one. The 5.0:1 gear ratio can tell you the story of how accurate it’s going to be when you are casting it. The 2+1 ball bearings inside are there to make it even smoother when you are throwing the line out of the spool. This allows the casting and retrieving pretty simple and straightforward.

With a total line capacity of 85 yards, you can get going with the reel in no time. The best part is, no matter which hand you are led by, you can always change the position of the handle. Just remove the cap on the handle’s opposite side and replace it to switch hand orientation on it.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from top-class diecast aluminum
  • 2+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Lightweight reel weighs about 7.6 ounces
  • Gear ration counts 5.0:1 for smooth casting
  • It can be easily used by both hands

2. Daiwa Spinning Fishing Reels – Best Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing

Up next comes the Daiwa spinning reel that’s been buzzing the market for a while. Coming in three different sizes, the reel is a very useful one to get started with. From novice to even an expert angler – this one appears to be a magic tool for everybody! That’s because of its simplistic yet powerful design.

To start it off, you definitely need to notice the stainless steel hardware. That’s the most noticeable thing on this reel. It gives the reel an excellent heavy-duty profile that allows it to get going for a long time. Plus, you can put as much pressure as you want on it; it will absorb like a sponge! Again, the handle on the side is also made from sturdy aluminum! So, double the durability, huh?

The best part of this rugged spinning reel should be its ball bearings. It comes with 12 ball bearings with a clutch which possibly tells the story itself. You can enjoy the smoothness of your life when you are casting the reel and retrieving it. It’s like you have never enjoyed a smoother reeling.

Apart from that, the reel comes with an instant-lock anti-reverse system to prevent any backlash and loop. Plus, it offers a maximum of 70-lbs drag which can get you going for your regular fishing needs. Not to forget the mesh manganese brass pinion gears that give the spinning a better smoothness!

Highlighted Features

  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • The handle is made from aluminum
  • Ball-bearing counts up to 12 with a clutch
  • It offers up to 70 pounds of drag
  • The reel comes with an instant lock anti-reverse system

3. Okuma Avenger Graphite Body – Best Freshwater Spinning Reels

Need to fight the giants in the water? Call the Avenger! The Okuma Avenger Freshwater spinning reel is just the reel you need to make your fishing sessions as lively as you can. This heavy-duty fishing reel allows top-class casting that makes it pretty easy to get going with freshwater fishing in no time.

First of all, the reel boasts of a Japanese oiled felt drag system that comes with a multi-disc option. This allows it to smooth drag up to 22 pounds from the water without any effort invested. In addition, you can feel the smoothness in it, as well, thanks to its lightweight profile.

Now, being lightweight doesn’t mean you can break it then and there! In reality, the Okuma Avenger spinning reel is actually a pretty strong reel. Made from heavy-duty graphite, you can put your trust in the construction of it quite easily. It’s not going to let you down when you need to fight with the beasts underwater!

Again, the entire reel is made from a corrosion-resistant material. That means even if you are planning to fish in the saltwater with this, it’s not a big deal. This one can take care of it, too! As for the hand orientation, it’s designed to be used by both hands with just a bit of switching.

Highlighted Features

  • Crafted from strong and heavy-duty graphite
  • 7 ball bearings from excellent smoothness
  • Corrosion-resistant build-quality
  • Multi-disc drag system for heavy dragging
  • It can be used by both the right and the left hand

4. Daiwa 16 JOINUS – Best Spinning Reels For Bass

Daiwa brings another great spinning reel straight from Japan. This time, it’s the 16 Joinus 2500 spinning reel. Although the reel is not going to be an exciting one for right-handed users, the lefties will be very comfortable with it. Sadly, you can’t change the orientation of it.

However, the reel is quite sturdy in the making. Crafted from superior nylon, the spinning reel is quite durable and strong. It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater, which gives you an idea that the reel is pretty much corrosion and rust protected. So, no matter where you are going to fish, it should be your pal!

Apart from that, the reel comes with an excellent gear ratio of 5.3:1. This gear ratio makes it pretty easy to cast and retrieve the line from the pool. You don’t need to put much of an effort in reeling it out and dragging it back in. Although the maximum drag capacity is a bit low, it still can serve you the regular purposes.

Above all, the device is pretty much strong and surprisingly lightweight. It comes with a 9-ounce weight that doesn’t feel heavy at all when placed with the fishing rod. This makes it comfortable for your hand for a fatigue-free fishing experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from top-class nylon material
  • It offers a 5.3:1 excellent gear ratio
  • Only available for left-handed users
  • It comes with a very lightweight profile of 9 ounces only

5. Shimano Sienna – Best Spinning Reel For The Money

Another player in the market is the Shimano Sienna 2500RE fishing reel. This one is an upgrade from the previous 2500 model with a lot of significant change with respect to the technologies used and smoothness. The best part is, this one can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. That means it’s also corrosion-resistant.

It comes with a sleek yet very good-looking M-Compact body. The design includes the oscillation gear to be placed quite closer to the fishing rod. This makes sure that the reel balance is well-calculated, and you don’t feel any fatigue while holding it for a long time. Again, it applies the Stopper II technology that allows instant anti-reverse to prevent any loop or tangle.

Apart from that, the capacity of its line is pretty impressive. The reel can throw at about 125 yards away with excellent precision. So, if you are looking for longer angling in freshwater or saltwater – this one should be your bet. Plus, it comes with excellent durability to support you all the way!

Speaking of its smoothness, there’s nothing to get disappointed with here. With 3+1 ball bearings inside, the reel makes sure it rolls as it should. Plus, the 5.0:1 gear ratio ensures the smoothness is maintained every time you cast your bait and retrieve the line.

Highlighted Features

  • This saltwater spinning reel can be used also in freshwater.
  • M-Compact body with improved balance and fatigue-free hold
  • Line capacity extends up to 125 yards
  • 3+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • 5.0:1 gear ratio for smooth reel and spool movement

6. Okuma Avenger ABF – Best Spinning Reel For Bass Of All TIme

ABF-1000 from Okuma Fishing Tackle comes as a surprise for many anglers around the world. It offers excellent performance at a very affordable price for anyone to get started with fishing and angling. The Japanese technology of an oiled felt dragging system makes it quite smooth for dragging.

Now, speaking of smoothness, this is further ensured by the 7 ball bearings inside the reel. These stainless steel ball bearings make it really easy for the parts to move and allow an effortless casting and retrieval. Plus, the 5.0:1 gear ratio here also makes it pretty easy for the reel to provide excellent spooling and casting.

The best part is, the reel comes with a Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing. When you need to retrieve the line without any backlash or bird’s nest, you can simply use the anti-reverse roller to trigger it. So, no loop or tangle while reeling the line back.

As for the construction of the reel, it’s quite lightweight, given that it can drag only 6 pounds at a time. Being just around 7 ounces in weight, it’s pretty easy to carry it with the fishing rod. Again, what’s interesting, is the frame and side plate of the reel are plated with corrosion-resistant material so that it won’t suffer from rust and corrosion in saltwater.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a Japanese oiled felt drag technique
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse bearing system
  • Gear ratio is 5.0:1
  • It weighs just about 7 ounces
  • The frame and the side plate are made as corrosion-resistant

7. SHIMANO FX – Best Spinning Reel For Bass Under $100

Although Shimano focuses on the needs of expert anglers the most, they do have some provisions from newbies, as well. Such a fishing reel is the Shimano FX reel. This one is an entry-level spinning reel that makes it an excellent choice for new anglers and kids to get started with a spinning reel.

Even though it’s made focusing on the new users, it doesn’t in any way mean that it comes with any less power than the other models from Shimano. The reel features a propulsion spool lip design for excellent longer casting. Apart from that, the overall design of the reel is fantastic and quite eye-catchy.

That being said, the gear ratio here is pretty useful. A 6.2:1 gear ratio is enough to make sure the reeling and spooling are as smooth as you want them to be. Plus, the 3 ball bearings inside play a huge role in making sure that the parts inside are rolling and moving effortlessly. That’s why even 9 pounds of drag seems quite an easy one on this.

Finally, the reel can be easily used by both right and left-handed anglers. Just remove the cap and handle of the reel and replace both on the alternating spot. There you have it – a truly useful reel for anyone to get started with!

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a propulsion spool lip design
  • The gear ratio is 6.2:1
  • It has an anti-reverse system for no-tangle operation
  • The maximum drag capacity is 9 pounds
  • It can be used by both right and left-handed users

8. Hunter’s Tail HB & FB Series– Best Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing

A blend of top-class design and sturdy build-up, that’s what comes into mind when you first see the Hunter’s Tail Fishing Reel. These HB and FB series reels are quite durable and very sturdy to put you on the upper hand while struggling with a fish in the water. Let’s get started with the design.

It has a chamfering design which can improve the reel’s smoothness by 25% once you are reeling in. Again, it can also extend the casting distance up to 30%, as well. This makes it a pretty interesting and suitable choice for any angler. Above all, the reel is designed as corrosion-resistant to perform well in saltwater.

The handle of the reel grabs the attention of most users. It comes with a fully metallic design with a wooden knob at the end. This combo offers durability and a rugged feeling for the angler. Moreover, you can interchangeably use this handle for both of your hands.

Again, its 5.2:1 gear ratio offers faster reeling and casting performance compared to others available in the market right now. Coupled with that, you have a pressure-relief device button here that protects the lines from breaking down when you go beyond 18 pounds in drag.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a chamfering design for better smoothness
  • Fast speed for 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • It has a pressure relief button
  • Drags up to 18 pounds of weight
  • It can be used by both the right and left hands

9. Pflueger MONICEB Monarch – Best Ice Fishing Spinning Reel

Pflueger comes with yet another top-class spinning reel in the market – the MONICEB Ice spinning reel. So, if you are looking for a nice and decent spinning reel to go ice fishing, this is what you need to go for. Equipped for ice fishing only, you can put your trust in this top-notch brand.

The graphite body is what makes it quite different from the regular ones. It’s tough and robust; you can tell it by simply looking at it. It does come with a bit of weight because of it, but it is definitely worth it. Then again, the rotor of the reel is also made from graphite. So, it’s rigidity that you can see all over the place.

As for the bearings inside, the device uses 5 different ball bearings. These bearings make sure that the parts inside are moving in a smooth manner. And above all, the ball bearings are made from stainless steel for better performance and durability. The bail wire on the outside is made from thick aluminum to confirm durability, as well.

Above all, the reel is made corrosion-resistant to keep up in saltwater fishing. From the handle to the ball-bearings inside, you have this resistance to meet your demand for constant support.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a graphite body and rotor
  • The handle is made from stainless steel
  • It has 5 ball bearings made from stainless steel
  • The bail wire is built from aluminum
  • Corrosion-resistant build quality

10. RUNCL RORAIMA – Best Spinning Reel Under $50

The more advanced the fishing technology is getting, the better it is becoming for anyone to get into fishing right away. This is quite true if you take RUNCL spinning fishing reel into consideration. This one comes with an amazing design that will attract most users without a doubt. But the design is not the end of the world for this one.

It is equipped with a CNC-machined aluminum alloy spool, making it one of the most durable ones on the market. In addition to that, it also boasts of the metal braid grip on the spool. This braid gip allows the braid to keep firm on the spool and prevent it from sudden slipping. So, you can carry on fishing without worrying much!

As for the gripping, the oversized handle with the EVA knob at the end makes it quite easy to handle. Plus, the grip allows it to hold on to it tightly, even if it is wet. Again, all these systems are there to drag the heaviest of fishes out there. You can easily drag in up to 17.5 pounds without any problem.

Further, the reel comes with 7+1 ball bearings for maximum smoothness in the drag and reeling. All these bearings are stainless-steel made to make sure no rust or corrosion can hamper its performance. Again, the 4.5:1 gear ratio helps it perform smoother and faster, too!

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a CNC-machined aluminum alloy spool
  • The reel can drag up to 17.5 pounds of fish
  • It features 7+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Gear ratio is 4.5:1 for faster performance
  • Oversized EVA knob handle for a comfortable hold

11. Quantum Optix – Best Size Spinning Reel For Bass

Take your fishing experience to the next level with the Quantum Optix Spinning Fishing Reel. This all-silver spinning reel makes it really cool when you attach it to the fishing rod. The reel comes with an exceptional build quality that offers long-term durability and rugged build quality.

Inside the reel, you have 4 ball bearings to make it smooth when you cast. Retrieving the line is as smooth as butter. And by the way, you can cast as far as 225 yards away with this reel without any problem. So, if you are looking to maximize your reach, this one should be your proper choice.

Speaking of durability, the spool here is quite robust. It is crafted from top-class machined aluminum to make sure it’s heavily reliable and durable under pressure. So, yes, you get what you expect from a highly durable fishing reel.

Further, the drag capacity of this lightweight spinning reel is also quite impressive. You can get up to 16 pounds of drag power on this one. It makes it quite convenient to catch larger fishes from any water type! Good luck with that!

Highlighted Features

  • Machined aluminum spool for durability
  • It comes with 4 ball-bearing system
  • The reel can drag up to 16 pounds of weight
  • You can cast as far as 225 yards away from the fishing point
  • Designed to be a lightweight fishing reel

12. Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X – Best Spinning Reel For Bass For The Money

And finally, we wrap up our reviews for the best spinning reel of all time with Abu Garcia Back Max spinning reels. It’s not quite necessary to introduce Abu Garcia as a brand as it’s already quite popular for producing some of the most useful and powerful spinning reels in the market. The Black Max and Max X fishing reels are just a few bricks on the wall!

This one is made from graphite as far as the body and the rotor is concerned. But don’t take it wrong; being made from graphite doesn’t in any way mean it’s heavy. On the contrary, this one is quite a lightweight fishing reel; we got to admit.

As for the spool, it is crafted with machined aluminum for optimum support and durability. So no matter how much pressure you are putting on the reel and the weight it carries, this one is just going to consume it and stand strong.

Apart from that, the smooth operation system of the reel is due to the 3+1 excellent ball bearings inside. These stainless steel ball bearings make it really worth a shot every time you cast and retrieve. So, if you are looking for a tension-free smooth operation, Abu Garcia is what you have to stop by!

Highlighted Features

  • The body and rotor of this reel is made from graphite
  • Machined aluminum spool for superior strength
  • 3+1 ball bearing system for smooth operation
  • Lightweight design for comfortable use
  • Improved durability due to everlast bail system

Advantages of Using Spinning Reels for Bass Fishing All Time

Let’s face it; if you are choosing a spinning reel instead of baitcasting reels, you don’t expect it to perform the same way. On the other hand, it’s not an entry-level fishing reel either, like the spincast reel. So, what does an expensive spinning reels have that makes it worthy of a shot? Well, here are a few ways a spinning reel has the upper hand over the others.


The first thing that makes it stand out is the simplicity of it. Unlike the baitcasting reel, the spinning reel comes with a very basic and simple design. It resembles classical reels in design, and nearly anyone can use it after a few sessions of orientation.

Less Backlash

The baggage baitcasters come with is the backlash. In this case, a spinning reel comes as a safer one. This is because the issue of backlash is way less than the baitcasters in a spinning reel. So, the line tangles less, and it is more enjoyable to fish.

More Distance Covered

If you are using a lighter lure, a spinning reel will be able to throw it further than any other reel. Even a baitcaster can’t throw a lure as far as a spinning reel. So, if you need to throw your lure to a longer distance, a spinning reel is your choice.

Easy Spool Replacement

The spool in a spinning reel can be changed easily. This is a tough job if you have a baitcaster. The design and placement of the spool are quite useful for a quick spool change in a spinning reel.


This is the elephant in the room. A spinning reel is way cheaper than a baitcaster. This is, by far, one of the best advantages of a spinning reel.

Best Spinning Reel For The Money

Best Spinning Reel For Bass For The Money- Beginners Buying Guide

Okay, so now you know what your options to pick up the best spinning reels of all time are; it’s time you need to look closely at the things that matter. Before you jump to a conclusion on a spinning reel from the list or out of the list, here are some crucial factors you need to consider.

Building Material

The building material of the spinning reel should be rugged and durable. For the body and rotor, it’s preferred that it is made from aluminum, stainless steel, or even graphite. You can also try carbon fiber if you want. However, whatever the material is, the sole purpose is to look for the most durable one out there.

Spool Material

The spinning reel’s performance depends a lot on the durability and strength of the spool. Similar to the reel body, the spool should be made from aluminum or even graphite, for example. Between aluminum and graphite, the aluminum adds a bit of weight to the spool while the graphite-made spools come as a bit lightweight.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings make it very easy for the inner parts of the reel to move and allow the reel to perform at its best. A rule of thumb here is the more the ball bearing, the better and smoother performance you are to expect. However, even if this is not the case, it is still preferable that you should go for the one that comes with a number of ball bearings.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio in a spinning reel plays a vital role in the speed of the bail movement. When you are releasing the bail, the lesser the gear ratio, the slower will it move, making the retrieve slower, as well. A 4:1 gear ratio will cause the retrieve to be slower than a 7:1 gear ratio. So, it’s always better to go for a higher gear ratio count.


It’s tough to control a huge device like a fishing rod and reel combo without a suitable handle. So, you have to be choosy in picking up a reel when it comes to the handle. Go for the extra-large handles that offer ergonomic control. Plus, the EVA knob at the end of the handle also offers optimum comfort while you are holding the handle. Padded and wooden handles offer the most comfort in this case.

Anti-Reverse Option

The anti-reverse option prevents the reel from spinning on the opposite side. This is a common phenomenon when you are fishing with a spinning reel. So, it’s better to have this option to keep it safe and prevent this unwanted backward spinning.

Best Spinning Reel Size Chart Explained in 2022

The size chart of a spinning reel can be a bit confusing for most newbie anglers. This is because some makers name these sizes like 10, 20, 30, while some name these as 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. However, there’s no need to get confused. The 10, 20. 30 etc., actually represents the top two digits of 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. So, it’s the first two digits that matter.

Then again, the higher the number, the more monoline strength it will offer. It’s applicable for braided line strength, as well.

Spinning Reel Parts of All Time

It’s easy to get to know about a fishing reel if you know the parts of it. In this section, we will have a look at the parts of a spinning fishing reel.

A spinning reel comes with the following parts:

  • Foot
  • Handle
  • Spool
  • Body
  • Bail arm
  • Drag adjustment knob
  • Line roller
  • Anti-reverse switch

Apart from these external parts, there are some internal parts, as well. These are:

  • Gear Box
  • Drag systems
  • Ball bearings

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

What Size of Spinning Reel should I get?

If you are just starting your fishing journey, you don’t need to be much aware of the size. Don’t spend too much money on getting a number of reels. Simply start with a mid-size one, probably a 3000 or 4000 size, to get going.

What is the Line Capacity/Rating?

Line capacity simply refers to the length of a line to be stored on a spool. The thicker the line, the lesser the length of it, hence the lesser the line capacity of the reel.

What to look for in a Good Spinning Reel?

In order to get a good spinning reel, you must look for its build quality, line capacity, ball bearing system, gear ratio, etc.

Final Words

Although it’s pretty hard to tell one spinning reel to be the best spinning reel for bass for the money, it’s not quite an audacious step to pick some choices. Given that you are going through the necessary features that are absolutely needed for a spinning reel to be useful for anytime, anywhere. That’s what we did when picking up these 12 spinning reels in this article.

Then again, if you are planning on exploring more, you can easily use our buying guide as a benchmark to look further. It will surely make you pick the best one from any pool of options!

Happy fishing!