Best Landing Net For Striped Bass 2022 [Top 5]

Best Landing Net For Striped Bass

Even if you have managed to hook the heaviest of bass as your catch, it’s not guaranteed that it will make it to your boat. Unless you bag it in the fishing net properly, it’s not yours yet! This is why countless successful hooks don’t end up as catches. Sometimes it’s the poor quality of …

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Why Does My Baitcaster Not Casting Far?- Tips To Fix It


Baitcasters are meant to cast far. However, it seems that many anglers are incapable of casting more than 30 feet with their baitcaster. This is due to a problem called “casting lag.” If you are experiencing casting lag and issues with baitcaster not casting far, try tightening the drag. This will make your cast longer. …

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Spincast Reel Parts: Easing Your Fishing Excursions

I heard stories from my grandfather about how he went fishing in his early days in the village. To go fishing with your friends is quite an experience. People used old-school reels in those days. Today I want to focus on spincast reels. In America, spincast reels probably catch more fish than any other design. …

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Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for Beginners


Do you remember the first fish you caught in your life? It must have been a starling feeling. You felt like you have accomplished something worthwhile in your life. You developed a special connection with the water. Well, for me, that’s how I got started with bass fishing. But I got my hopes high to …

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8 Baitcast Reel Problems and Solutions for Anglers [Updated 2022]


You may let your heart out to safeguard your baitcasting reel from every harm, but the reality doesn’t go hand in hand with your wish. No matter how carefully you use the reel, there will come days when you may need run repairing works for it. But it’s best to be prepared for what’s coming, …

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How to Put a Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel?


You cannot imagine fishing without a fishing reel. It would be like picturing a blue ocean without a blue sky. How much fish you are going to catch depends on how you operate the fishing reel. You will find different types of fishing reels in the market, such as closed-faced reels, baitcasting reels, spinning reels, …

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Baitcaster Backlash – Why It Occurs and How To Avoid Backlash


It’s the nightmare of countless beginner fishermen all over the globe. The scary bird’s nest, the baitcaster backlash! When you are casting the line with your baitcaster reel or reeling the line in, the line sometimes gets ridiculously tangled and messy. It takes the form of a bird’s nest and looks quite screwed up. This …

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How to Set Up a Fishing Pole? Step by Step Easy Guideline


One of the most entertaining ways of spending your vacation is fishing. It can give you a way out of your stressful schedule to serenity. However, it will take a firm test on your patience and will. And there goes this saying, “life is like a game, but fishing is serious.” But I guess going …

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How To Make A Fishing Lure Using a Wood?- Easy Steps


When it comes to fishing lures, you need to know what kind of fish might grab a bite of that. You can prefer natural baits or artificial lures when catching fish. It’s totally up to you. You know, most of the crankbaits out there in the market are made of hard plastic. There are some …

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