Can You Put A Baitcaster Reel On A Spincast Rod

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Spinning reels are a staple in the fishing world. But sometimes it is hard to cast with them. So can you put a baitcaster reel on a spincast rod? That’s what many people wonder, and the answer is yes!

All you need to do is take your spinning reel off of your spincast rod, then screw the baitcasting reel onto that same pole. The only downside is that you will not be able to cast with a spin cast rod. But it does work and can make your life much easier when out fishing.

Baitcaster reels and spincast rods are both popular fishing gear with their own merits. Among avid anglers, the ongoing debacle of combining one with the other can take an exciting turn.

What Is Baitcasting and Spincast Fishing?

What Is Baitcasting and Spincast Fishing?

Baitcasting and spincast fishing are forms of angling that use an adjustable rod and line in conjunction with a reel. Both forms of fishing use a reel that is attached to the rod and spooled with a line.

A baitcasting setup uses an open face spinning reel, while a spin cast usually has closed gears in its body. This makes it more waterproof than non-spinning reels. Most, but not all baitcasters have gears consisting of multiple cogs. This allows the user to cast baits further when using heavier weights or lures than could be achieved by hand alone.

On the other hand, spincasters are simple reels with one gear without the ability to be fine-tuned. Once the user has set the gear mechanism, spincast fishing can be done without having to touch it again. This is because the reels stay in place as gears within them engage and disengage as a result of reeling action when a fish bites.

Spincasts are generally designed for lighter weights than baitcasters because they are used for smaller targets, such as panfish. Baitcasting reels are typically used for crankbaits and topwater lures, while spincast rods are usually employed to cast lighter baits like worms or other soft plastics.

However, there isn’t much difference between the two types of fishing setups in terms of their effectiveness at catching fish. Both can be used to catch largemouth bass, bluegills, and crappies. The best use of a spincast reel for saltwater is fishing without any backlash.

Why Would You Want to Put A Baitcaster Reel On A Spin Cast Rod?

There are actually several reasons why you might want to put a bait caster reel on a spin cast rod. The biggest reason is the amount of power that’s generated with a bait caster.

A spin cast only has the power of your arm and wrist. But a bait caster uses spinning mechanics, generating more torque than you’d get with a spincast reel.

Another reason is that it’s easier for beginners to use a spin cast reel than using a baitcaster. Spinning reels are easier to learn because they use a rotating spool with a line that is released when you turn the handle.

A baitcaster has an actual crank that turns and twists the line. This can make it difficult for beginners who don’t know how to hold or cast the rod and reel correctly.

If you’re fishing in heavy cover, a spinning reel can be easier to use because it’s lighter. A baitcaster is heavier, and some anglers like that extra weight as they feel like it gives them more power. But for those who want their fishing gear as light as possible, you may not care about the extra weight.

If you’ve tried fishing before and it didn’t turn out well, you may want to switch to spin casting because it’s easier. But baitcaster reel is the best fishing reels for the money in my experience.

How To Attach A Baitcaster Reel To Your Spincast Rod?

The process of attaching a Baitcaster Reel On A Spincast Rod properly is not complex. But it does require some effort. It also requires you to know which method works best for your fishing rod and reel combination. 

Here are some of the primary ways to attach a baitcaster reel to a spincast rod.

  • Piggyback method: You can attach the baitcaster reel to a spincast rod by using the “piggyback” method. This means simply putting one reel on top of another and clamping them together with your fishing rod’s metal line guides. It can be done because both reels have their own spindles and keep the weight in balance.  
  • Tie Method: The tying method is a bit more complicated and requires you to tie the two reels together with a fishing line, which takes up some of the slack. Here’s how it works: tie your baitcaster reel on a spincast rod directly to each other by using several wraps of extra-strong fishing line. Then tie each line to your fishing rod with a half-hitch knot.
  • Using A Converter: Another method is by using a converter. This can be purchased at most fishing stores or online. It allows you to attach your baitcaster reel on a spincast rod without sacrificing any of your casting power when reeling it in. 

Benefits Of Using A Baitcaster Reel With Your Spincast Rod

A baitcasting reel is a popular option for bass fishing. This type of fishing reel has become popular in the past few years. It is primarily used because it allows the angler to cast and then set the hook by reeling, rather than having to cast and then wait to set the hook.

There are many benefits to using a baitcaster reel with your spincast rod. Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Eliminate tangles and entanglements
  • Can use a heavier line (typically 15-pound test)
  • Get a better presentation with lures and baits
  • Set the hook without a strike
  • Offer more control over your line and lure
  • Use different types of lures that work better with the baitcaster reel
  • Work with braided line, which is more durable than monofilament
  • Employ a broader range of fishing lures
  • Cast into windy conditions more quickly
  • Use a longer rod
  • Can fish with lighter weights more easily
  • Create smoother action of the lure by adjusting tension when reeling in
  • Make it easier to cast lures and bait further with less effort

Drawbacks To Using A Baitcaster Reel On Spincast Rod

All that is good must come with some caveats. There are some drawbacks when using a baitcaster reel on a spincast rod.

First, the spincast rod does not have a lot of places to attach a baitcaster reel. The line can become tangled with limbs and brushes. Using a braid for your mainline will cut up the spincast reel quickly if it is constantly rubbing against hard objects like trees or rocks.

Another drawback is that it can be challenging to cast a baitcaster reel. That’s because you have no way of knowing how many lines the spincast rod will give you. If you use too little and you are fishing for Bass, you may not have enough line to cast far.

If you use too much and try casting over a tree or brush, the spincast rod might snap in half because of excess weight on one side.

Bottom Line

The answer to the question of can you put a baitcaster reel on a spincast rod is yes. But there are some things you need to consider before moving on with it. Decide whether or not you want the baitcaster reel mounted on top of the rod-like spin cast reels or mounted below it like most spinning combos.

Make sure the rod is rated for the weight of your baitcaster as well. If all is good to go, enjoy combining two of the most prominent fishing gear for an exciting experience!

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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