How To Untangle A Baitcaster


A baitcaster is used as an efficient tool for fishing. Baitcasters can get tangled sometimes, and it becomes hard to get rid of them. So, to avoid the inconvenience of tangling, it is important to know how to untangle a baitcaster properly. Baitcasters have reels on top of the rods. When those get tangled, it’s …

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What is the Best Baitcaster Braking System for Me?


Let me hit you with the hunched truth first, if you have been thinking a baitcaster braking system will help you to catch more fish, I’m afraid to say you are entirely mistaken. The main duty of the braking system is to help to avoid any dreaded backlash tangles which can happen when dealing with …

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What’s The Difference? Baitcaster Vs Spinning Rod


People use two types of fishing rods: baitcasting rods and spinning rods. So which one do you buy? Well, that’s a tricky decision. Baitcasters and spinning rods are two of the most popular fishing gear types on the market today. But which one is better for your purposes? Baitcasters are often used for more advanced …

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Best Landing Net For Striped Bass 2023 [Top 5]

Best Landing Net For Striped Bass

Even if you have managed to hook the heaviest of bass as your catch, it’s not guaranteed that it will make it to your boat. Unless you bag it in the fishing net properly, it’s not yours yet! This is why countless successful hooks don’t end up as catches. Sometimes it’s the poor quality of …

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Why Does My Baitcaster Not Casting Far?- Tips To Fix It


Baitcasters are meant to cast far. However, it seems that many anglers are incapable of casting more than 30 feet with their baitcaster. This is due to a problem called “casting lag.” If you are experiencing casting lag and issues with baitcaster not casting far, try tightening the drag. This will make your cast longer. …

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8 Baitcast Reel Problems and Solutions for Anglers [Updated 2023]


You may let your heart out to safeguard your baitcasting reel from every harm, but the reality doesn’t go hand in hand with your wish. No matter how carefully you use the reel, there will come days when you may need run repairing works for it. But it’s best to be prepared for what’s coming, …

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Why Are Spinning Reels Left Handed? Explaned in 2023

Why Are Spinning Reels Left Handed

Do you ever listen, left is right while the right is wrong? Most probably not. But, when you consider the fishing spinning reels, that’s true. If you carefully notice, almost all spinning reels are affixed left-handed, leaving you in a dilemma. That time, you may wonder: why are spinning reels left handed? Yes, there must …

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What Are Round Baitcast Reels Used For? Beginners Guide


Growing up, my father always had a hunch for fishing. Naturally, I ended up picking up on his ideals. This leads me to round baitcasting reels. You might ask what are baitcast reels used for. Baitcast reels are used for heavier fishing. They are generally not used for the low-profile ones. Are round baitcast reels …

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Baitcaster Drag Not Working Properly- How To Fix?


Baitcasters are an excellent tool for fishing. But when the baitcaster drag not working correctly, it can cause some major problems. If so, then there are a few things to try before giving up on your favorite baitcasting rod. The first thing to do is make sure that your reel is free from any debris …

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Baitcaster Backlash – Why It Occurs and How To Avoid Backlash


It’s the nightmare of countless beginner fishermen all over the globe. The scary bird’s nest, the baitcaster backlash! When you are casting the line with your baitcaster reel or reeling the line in, the line sometimes gets ridiculously tangled and messy. It takes the form of a bird’s nest and looks quite screwed up. This …

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