How To Clean Baitcaster Reels After Saltwater Fishing?


Fishing is a passion for many! Those who love to fish must know that the fun of saltwater fishing is way greater than that of fishing in freshwater bodies. You will certainly be able to feel the piece of joy as you catch bigger bait than just going around finding smaller baits in a freshwater …

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Saltwater Vs Freshwater Fishing- Explained for Beginners


Have you been thinking about going on an exciting fishing trip? Well, fishing is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. Once, someone said, “As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler.” If you have been in the water for a long time, you know how addictive it could get. Well, if …

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How to Cast Baitcaster Without Birdnesting? Step by step Guideline

Birdnesting is also known as backlash. When you are using a baitcasting reel, it’s not surprising to experience backlash once in a while. If you are using a heavy lure, usually it’s going to pull the line a bit faster than you can stop it. This will be repeated when you are making a long-distance …

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Fishing Pliers Vs Forceps: Which One Is Right for You?

Fishing Pliers Vs Forceps - Which One Is ok for You

Engaging to work with both freshwater and saltwater, fishing pliers and forceps are useful accessories for any angler interested in fun, challenging, and exciting fishing. From casting to fish handling and landing, these excellent tools give you more control over different kinds of fishing activities. But which one is the right tool for you? In …

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How To Spool A Baitcaster By Yourself: A Step By Step Guide

How To Spool A Baitcaster

Spooling is not an easy task. When fishermen are out fishing, they face this situation when the fish is biting non-stop. At these times, the worst thing that can happen to a fisher is line trouble. Almost every pro angler has experienced this. The Backlash, line twists, and other fishing line dilemmas can affect your …

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Best Bass Fishing Lure Guide of All Time


It could get quite overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right Bass Fishing gear. You will find various types of lures out there in the market when buying lures for your Bass fishing. When you see those social media influencers on Instagram and YouTube are showing off their amazing fishing talent. And you wonder …

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