How to Cast Baitcaster without Birdnesting? Step by Step Guideline

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Birdnesting is also known as backlash. When you are using a baitcasting reel, it’s not surprising to experience backlash once in a while. If you are using a heavy lure, usually it’s going to pull the line a bit faster than you can stop it. This will be repeated when you are making a long-distance cast.


There are also some other reasons behind baitcasters strong fallout. This may sound disappointing, but you have no idea about how a baitcaster and backlash works, then you won’t survive that long in fishing.

But the good thing is you can avoid all these issues and experience an ultimate fishing day. All you have to know is how to cast baitcaster without birdnesting. Let’s get started.

What is a Backlash for Baitcaster?

What is a Backlash for Baitcaster

Before we go through the technical process, we need to know what this backlash is and how it works. When you press the thumb tab on a baitcaster, a free spin mode will be set. And the lure is will hit the water. After that, it’s going to slow down but, the spool won’t.

Your line will have no place to go when this occurs. And that’s where the problem with the messed-up tangled fishing line begins. Such a messed-up line and tangled is called backlash or birdnesting.

You might be wondering why this is called a birdnest. Well, have you ever seen a birdnest? Your line could get like that literally when you fail to cast a baitcaster without backlash. And that’s something you would highly want to avoid.

How to Cast Baitcaster without Birdnesting?

Casting a baitcaster without encountering any backlash is not that difficult. You know there’s a saying, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” All you need here is a patient and positive mindset to solve the issue. Let’s go through the process:

1. Setting the Braking System Right

I’m sure you are familiar with car brakes; this is something like that. It has the ability to control and everything in your inventory, starting from the connecting line to the fish.

To get started, first and foremost, you got to set it to the highest setting. This will give you more control and less movement. If you have got good brakes, then learning how to cast the baitcaster without birdnesting will become a lot easier. After getting well-established with it, you may lower the tension.

2. Using a Heavy Lure

Lure matters when it comes to casting a baitcaster without birdnesting. It would be wise to use heavy lures as it has proven to be more successful than lightweight one. The heavy lure will pull your fishing line into the water much faster.

3. Adjusting the Spool Tension

After the cast, how the lure will fall is controlled by the spool tension. So, it would be wise to fix the amount of tension you want before doing anycast. Don’t forget, backlash tends to happen when the lure is too high or too low. So, remember to adjust the spool tension according to your comfort zone.

4. Casting with the Wind

If you fail to handle the wind in the right way, it will cause a backlash. Knowing how to take advantage of the wind will help you to avoid any backlash. You might know, casting against the wind is difficult, so try to cast with the wind. This will give you a more accurate cast.

5. Set off with Short Distance

For some people, it is a bit difficult to cast in distant areas. So, if you are one of them then, try to start with a short distance first. It will improve your hand adjustment with the baitcaster and get comfortable with it.

When you have got the preferences of baitcaster, it will become a lot easier to learn the proper baitcasting process.

6. Choosing the Right Fishing Pole

A short and long fishing rod comes with its variations. The fishing pole is capable of affecting your controlling system, as well. If you can then, select something with a medium action. This kind of rod has good flexibility and makes things easier for you when casting baitcaster.

7. Using a Line Conditioner

A line conditioner plays a vital role in casting your baitcaster successfully. It will improve your casting distance at a greater range. This lubricant is used to provide your reel with less friction. You won’t face any backlash when you have less friction.

8. Choosing the Ideal Equipment’s

This is one of the most effective ways of learning how to cast baitcaster without birdnesting. If you can choose the ideal equipment for your fishing, then, in most cases, you will be able to ignore any backlash. You will have different things around, and they have their uses and advantages.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s lure material, rod, fishing line, or a baitcaster itself; the important thing here is to choose the right equipment that can avoid the backlash for a long time.

9. Stopping Reel Over-run

It is tough to repair backlash or reel over-run but, you can decrease the possibility a bit. When you know how the physics of backlash works, understanding the solution will just become a piece of cake. When you are done casting, the rod will point at the location of your bait.

When it stopped, the acceleration will be sent to your lure and, then it follows a course. The line behind your lure will bring off the reel spool, and as a result, you will encounter intimidating backlash.

What you need to learn is how to make your spool spin at adequate force. Also, you need to know, how to slow down the speed of your spool when the lure is slowing.

Final Words

Whether fishing is just a hobby to you or a passion, you surely want a trouble-free fishing experience. When you can fish according to your plan and get amazing results, it feels amazing. You feel like a champion at the end of the day.

On the other hand, if you face issues like birdnesting during fishing. It will not only just ruin your mood, but also it may make you lose interest in fishing. Therefore, it’s quite important to know how to cast baitcaster without birdnesting. I hope you’ve got the bare minimum idea from this piece to mitigate backlash from the next fishing session!

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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