How To Grease a Baitcaster?

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Baitcaster is an essential part while you’re fishing. It holds the gears and bearings inside the casing. Greasing and oiling these parts keeps a Baitcaster in good condition. But do you know how to grease baitcaster?

To grease, a baitcaster, remove the handles, and separate the handle nuts as well as the side plate screws. Then remove the screws and clean the gears to apply grease to them. Reconstruct the Baitcaster but be aware of the features of the grease.

Don’t apply any lubricant to your Baitcaster without proper knowledge, as it may ruin the condition of the reel. Continue reading to see which grease will smooth up your reel and keep your Baitcaster in good shape.

Do You Need to Grease or Oil Baitcaster?

Grease and oil go in different parts of a Baitcaster. The oil keeps the bearings smooth, and the gears respond faster because of grease. Grease increases the lifespan of the Baitcaster, resulting in better service while oil gives you a super smooth performance with your baitcasting reel. Based on your fishing types and techniques you may need both of them or any of these. Therefore, It’s pretty tough to declare which one only you’ll need as both of these are essential for your baitcaster.

Why Should You Apply Grease on Baitcaster?

As stated earlier, grease increases the lifespan of a Baitcaster. The corrosion rate decreases to a significant level after you’ve applied grease. Plus, wearing and tearing gear parts stops once you’ve applied grease on the Baitcaster.

Grease makes the gears really smooth. It helps you throw the fishing line to a remarkable distance while game fishing. So, you’ll have the upper hand in a game fishing competition with smooth gear.

Why Should You Apply Oil on Baitcaster?

You should apply oil on your Baitcaster reel once you’ve purchased it to enjoy a smooth fishing performance. That’s because the quantity of oil isn’t enough when it is an absolutely new Baitcaster.

The oil goes inside the moving parts of the reel, and it will decrease the corrosion and friction while you’re throwing the line. Less friction means a minor decline in the equipment. A high-quality oil provides an anti-corrosion coating to the Baitcaster.

However, you need to clean the fishing gear thoroughly before applying oil to the reel. Otherwise, it’ll be tough to remove the dirt and debris once the oil is applied.

Plus, these particles will increase the rate of friction. Never use any detergents and chemicals that increase the corrosion rate.

How Often Should You Grease Your Baitcaster?

How Often Should You Grease Your Baitcaster

You should know how often to use fishing reel oil or grease before learning how to use it. This question has no universal solution, and it is very dependent on how frequently you use it.

After each usage, a basic cleaning should be performed. And a more thorough cleaning should be performed at least once a year.

Of course, you should oil and lubricate the components before disassembling the reel. This is something that recreational fishers do once or twice a year. Professionals do it more frequently.

You’re probably fishing on weekends and holidays as a recreational angler, putting a lot less strain on your reel. If you’re one of those anglers that like to fish like this during the warmer months and on vacation, cleaning and greasing your baitcaster once a year will be enough.

How To Grease a Baitcaster?

How To Grease a Baitcaster

Applying grease on Baitcaster’s gears is a tough job. But we’ve figured out the secrets for you.

Follow the step-by-step guide to using grease on the gears of the Baitcaster.

  • Step 1: Clean The Reel: Use fresh water to clean the reels. Don’t apply water with high pressure. It might push the specks of dirt and debris in the reel. Then wipe out the water with a soft towel or a cloth.
  • Step 2: Disassemble The Handles: A flathead screwdriver will do the job of removing the screws in the handle. Remove the handles once you’ve detached the screws.
  • Step 3: Separate Handle Nuts: The wrench does a fine job of removing the handle nuts. But a 10MM nut driver is the best option for this task. Separate the washer, star drag, and spring using a wrench or a nut driver.
  • Step 4: Take Out The Side Plate Screw: Now take out the side plates. Remember to put the parts in order. It’ll be a time saver when you reassemble the pieces.
  • Step 5: Detach Side Plates: Carefully detach the side plates. Take care of the yoke springs. These springs fall out while removing the side plates from the Baitcaster.
  • Step 6: Remove The Gears: After removing the side plates, you’ll see different types of gears assembled inside the Baitcaster. Take the drive gear, drag washer, pinion gear, and yoke spring out in order.
  • Step 7: Clean The Gears: Once you’ve removed the gears from the Baitcaster, clean them properly. Take care of the gear threads. These threads are sensitive and tend to break if you apply force.
  • Step 8: Apply Grease On The Gears: Grease must be applied to the threads of the gears. Because threads are the reason behind a perfect line throwing, apply drag grease on drive grease. Remove the old greasing layer of drag grease before putting a new layer. Then use the same drag grease to apply a fresh grease layer. Cleaning the pinion gear will provide you with maximum free spool results.
  • Step 9: Reassemble The Gears: Install the drive gear, drag washer, yoke, and pinion, respectively. Try not to damage the gear threads. Remember the arrangements of yoke springs and pinions. Otherwise, the assembly will be a disaster.
  • Step 10: Install Inner Tube: Put the inner clutch tube and yoke springs once the rearrangement is done. You must set yoke springs before the internal clutch. Then connect the side plate screws with the side plates. A flathead screwdriver will make the job easy.
  • Step 11: Rebuild The Baitcaster: Reattach the drag star, handles, and washer properly. A 10MM nut driver is the best tool to tighten the handle nuts.


Greasing a Baitcaster is a simple task. But not knowing how to apply it increases the rusting rate. A better-quality grease keeps the reel shiny and in a top-notch condition.

Follow the manual to apply grease to the reel accurately. We hope the analysis on how to grease baitcaster has helped you to understand the applying procedure of grease.

Use the alternatives if you don’t have oils to apply to the bearings. But always remember to clean the gears and bearings thoroughly before applying any oil or grease to the reel!

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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