How to Put a Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel?

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You cannot imagine fishing without a fishing reel. It would be like picturing a blue ocean without a blue sky. How much fish you are going to catch depends on how you operate the fishing reel.

You will find different types of fishing reels in the market, such as closed-faced reels, baitcasting reels, spinning reels, and spincast reels. The operating process of the fishing reel is quite easy. And even for a beginner, it won’t take much time to get along with it. This article on how to put a fishing line on a closed face reel is for all those beginners out there.

Getting to Know How to Put a Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel?

A closed-face fishing reel is also called spin-cast reels. In this reel, you will find the latter’s mounted over the handle. You can release the fishing line just by pressing a button. The mechanism of this reel is simple, making it a reliable choice for beginners.

Why Should You Pick a Closed Face Fishing Reel?

Just like you have every reason to pick a packet of lemon juice instead of picking some lemons and a blender, you have the right to choose a closed-face fishing reel. Yes, using this fishing reel is just a piece of cake. Even your 8-years old kid can do it quite effortlessly.

Releasing the line with a closed-face fishing reel is just a push of a button away.  You won’t have to bail or flip the angler to maintain an idea releasing time. This fishing reel comes with a very user-friendly design, so, for a beginner, this could be a perfect starter.

You won’t even have to use both of your hands to operate this reel, so that gives you excellent control over your rod. If a big fish falls for your bait, it would easier for you to keep your hands well-balanced when pulling up the fish from the water. A closed-face fishing reel comes with an affordable price tag as its road has fewer components. So, if you are under a low budget, this could be a great choice for you.

The Process of Putting the Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel:

 Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel

In this section, we are going to explore the step-by-step methods of successfully putting the fishing line on a closed face reel. Let’s get started:

1. Checking the Reel’s Spec

First and foremost, you got to ensure the use of the ideal pound-test line on your closed face reel. You are supposed to find a stamped suggestion in the middle of the reel seat and the button.

If you don’t follow the given specs, you might create extra pressure on the gears and bearings. And this will decrease the efficiency of its internal mechanism and end up leading the machine to damage slowly.

2. Connecting the Line

Now, you have to unscrew the cone from the base of your reel. If there’s any old line, remove it. Put the new fishing line through the cone. Wait a minute, don’t screw it back on as yet, firstly you got to connect the line to the spool. At the free end, you need to tie a simple cinch. Remember to tighten it firmly around the spool.

You can add another little overhead knot at the tail end. It will work as a backup in case the first not slips.

3. Spooling the Reel

Now you need to reattach the cone to the base of the reel. Turn the handle gently and make sure the line is being taut through this total procedure. Otherwise, you might end up tangling it.

Do the reeling as long as you don’t reach the specified length on the reel. Avoid overloading the spool; it may lead your line to slip off.

4. Wrapping Up

Are you done bringing the line on the spool? Well, the next thing you do is cut the line somewhere near the smallest eye of the rod. Now you can tie on a hook, snap, or your desired lure.

Pack the unused line at someplace far away from the contact of direct sunlight and wind so that it stays in its prime shape for the next time. You are locked and loaded to hit the water and catch the next big fish.

Bonus Tips for Putting Line on a Closed Face Reel:

Here are some bonus tips for you so that you can put the fishing line on a closed face reel without any possible hassle.

  • As soon as you have cut the line from the packaging, create a little notch in the plastic disk. It will remove any possibility of unwinding your line from the tackle box.
  • It would be better if you leave around 1/8th of the spool opened. This will keep the line stable during use.
  • Don’t use large diameter lines. They will create a lot of unnecessary hassle.
  • If you are having an issue getting the line to wind around your spool, then try applying a small piece of duct or electrical tape in the well. But do it before you tie the knot around; this provides it a reliable place to hold onto.

What Type of Line to Use for My Closed Face Reel?

You will find various types of lines available in the market, but not all of them will get along with a closed face reel. This type of reel comes with a shallow spool well, and because of that, you cannot use large diameter lines. Therefore, if you want to keep the reel in prime condition, we would suggest you follow the general guidelines.

Final Words

We hope after reading our article; now it’s clear to you how to put a fishing line on a closed face reel. Some people might tell you that it’s not that easy to deal with a closed face reel; well, the reason might be they have never used one.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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