How to Start Fishing?- A Complete Guide for Beginners

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Fishing is an excellent way of spending your vacation, especially if you are a nature lover. It’s somewhat like a sole soothing exercise.

Imagine on some foggy, cold morning you are sitting by the lake with your angler, waiting for fish to bite the bate while the fresh aroma of your coffee touching your nose and spreads the smoke of joy.

And there goes the saying, “Good things come to those who bait.” If you are the unlucky one who never had a chance to go fishing, this is the time to bury that regret. Because we are about to learn the steps on how to start fishing.
Let’s drop the fishing line in the water.

Types of Fishing

Types of Fishing

Before we go fishing, we need to have a clear idea about different types of fishing. We will discuss three types of fishing here.

  • Coarse Fishing: Coarse fishing is widely popular and practiced around the world. People do this type of angling in freshwaters such as rivers and lakes and, they return the fish to the water safely after catching it. You will see near about 25 species of coarse fish exist in the UK, such as perch, roach, and carp.
  • Game Fishing: Game fishing is the second most popular fishing in the world. This also requires a freshwater source and, you will find fishes like salmon, trout, and char, which you can keep and use as food.
  • Sea Fishing: I think you have already guessed by the name. Yeah, this type of fishing involves seawater for fish to keep.

Let’s Talk About How to Start Fishing

Luck is on your side if you happen to be living in South Carolina, as you do not have to burn much energy to find your fishing spot. This place is like Disneyland of fishing spots. However, fishing is not something like you buy an angler, finding a lake, and starting fishing. It follows a structured procedure. We will discuss those in this section:

STEP-1: Getting the License

Yes, in some countries, you will need a license for fishing. For example, if you are living in the UK, you will have to get a license. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost that much, and kids under 13 don’t need any license, and 13-16 years old kids can do register online for free. Here’s how much it will cost:

License for a day will cost you 8.25$ and for eight-day 16.49 $. Getting an annual license will cost around 41 $. And here’s another important notice, if you are planning to fish on private property, you will have to as for the owner’s permission first.

Read more about the license here.

STEP-2: Finding the Perfect Venue

You can’t imagine fishing without water. Finding the right location for fishing is not difficult at all. you can do it just by going online and searching for “popular fishing spots nearby.” You will find tons of information regarding such places, starting from their pinpoint location to how much it will cost.

But before choosing a place, we would recommend you do some good research about that place, especially their customer reviews. If you manage to find an independent location for fishing, you are in luck.

STEP-3: Selecting the Perfect Method for Fishing

Coarse Fishing Method

So, now you are done with getting the license and your fishing spot. Now is the time to wrap your gears. Before going to techniques, we need to find the type of course you want to do. Let’s focus on the best beginner’s methods for anglers, such as pole and whip fishing, game fishing, lure fishing, float fishing, and ledgering.

Pole and Whip Fishing Method

If you are a beginner, this is the perfect method for you to get started, as it doesn’t require you to buy lots of gear. You will need a pole or a smaller whip, and the mechanism of this kit is just easy-peasy. Also, you won’t need any reel for this. And, yet, you will be able to catch fishes like Roach, Perch, and Rudd.

You will need to set a rig on the pole and, that’s just a readymade set of line, weight, float, and hooks. After that, utilize a weight known as plummet. You need to have some idea about the depth of the water and fix the float accordingly.

Different fishes have different choices of depth to bite the bate so; you will get to learn the process by some trial and error.

The moment you feel the fish has finally fallen for your bait, you got to whip up the pole and guide the fish to your landing net. After patting yourself in the back, use your hand to unhook the fish, and then let it go.

If you want to get good at it, look for a fishing partner or local group who is willing to teach you. You may also check out online for fishing tutorials.

Lure Fishing Method

Here you will need a rod and reel and some artificial baits that seem like small fishes or any type of baits that are convincing enough to lure the big fishes around. It’s not that difficult. You can find a lot of videos online if you need to see how it works.

Float Fishing Method

In float fishing, you will require a float made of cork. Then, you got to attach wood or plastic to the line above a baited hook. It will work as an indicator if any fish bites your bait.

Ledgering Method

In ledgering you got to sink swim feeder at the bottom of the water. The moment you get a bite, the rod tip will start to twitch. You can also install an electric bite alarm to receive the signal.

Game Fishing Method

Game fishing is also known as quarry fishing. Mostly it’s popular with recreational anglers around the world. You can do game fishing in freshwater or saltwater. And you can eat this type of fish after catching it. Some of them, most notably the salmon, are also being targeted commercially.

Final Words

Fishing is fun as long as you are catching fish. On the other hand, it could turn out to be such an annoying activity if you continuously fail to catch any fish. But if you get to know the basic method of catching fish and have the right gears, it gets quite easy.

All you need is the passion for catching fish and some patience in waiting for the fish to bite your bait. We hope this article’s “steps on how to start fishing” helped you to find what you were looking for. Good luck with your fishing. See you next time.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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