How To Untangle A Baitcaster– Easy Ways

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A baitcaster is used as an efficient tool for fishing. Baitcasters can get tangled sometimes, and it becomes hard to get rid of them. So, to avoid the inconvenience of tangling, it is important to know how to untangle a baitcaster properly.

Baitcasters have reels on top of the rods. When those get tangled, it’s called a backlash or bird’s nest. This one day I asked my uncle about how his new baitcaster is working. Since he is fond of fishing and I barely know how to fish.  My uncle told me that it works just fine, but the only problem he’s facing is a backlash. This backlash often tangles his baitcaster, which is hard for him to untangle, which results in a mess.

Are you worried about how you can save your baitcaster from being a messy bird’s nest? Then chill out! You’re at the right place. You’ll get all the necessary information to protect your baitcaster right here.

Reasons Why A Baitcaster Gets Tangled

Firstly, it is important to know why a baitcaster gets tangled. When it is used roughly, it is more likely to get tangled or backlashed. There are some silly blunders people make while using a baitcaster, which causes it to tangle or backlash. The reasons why a baitcaster can get tangled are,

  • You are choosing the wrong rod.
  • Not using the correct lure, a heavier lure is preferred.
  • Unable to adjust the right brake system.
  • Too low or too high spool tension.
  • When the wind blows in the wrong direction.
  • Lack of practice.

How To Untangle A Baitcaster– Easy Ways

Untangle A Baitcaster

A baitcaster is a very useful tool when it comes to fishing, without the backlash. Baitcaster backlash is very troublesome. The backlashing of a baitcaster causes tangling. This tangling makes fishing very messy, and it takes a lot of effort to untangle the baitcaster.

But if you are wise enough, then trust me, it’s a no-brainer. Now, I am going to mention how to untangle a baitcaster in the easiest ways possible. So, no more messy reels from now onwards!

  • Start with pulling off the spool till the backlash wears off.
  • Tweezers or something similar to tweezers can be used to detangle the lines.
  • Try reeling it back and cast it again.
  • Do not pull hard on the line to make it tight.
  • Reel forward, slowly pressing your thumb on the tangled line. It smoothes and makes the overlapping lines free of loops.

Some essential tips to avoid tangling a baitcaster:

Know The Anatomy Of A Baitcaster To Untangle

If you want to use a baitcaster correctly, you must know its anatomy. There are plenty of available baitcaster in the market. However, most baitcasters have common features like a level wind, star drag, clutch bar, spool tension knob, and a casting control knob.

 A rod is adjusted with the baitcaster for fishing. It can be controlled by the casting control knob, which does the job of a brake. A manual guide is provided with the baitcaster, which provides all the information related to it. The manual must be followed by the user, to know how to cast a baitcaster.

Method of Casting a Baitcaster To Avoid Tangle

If all the gears of the baitcaster are set up properly, then the casting will be easier. The proper method of baitcasting must be known, to avoid backlash or a tangled fishing line. So, after setting up your baitcaster, you can follow the steps to cast it.

  • Firstly, push down your thumb on the button and line of the baitcaster. The rod must be straight Infront.
  • As for maintaining pressure, the rod is to be lifted a bit over the shoulder.
  • Brush your wrist forward to release the button and line then, drift your thumb above the line.
  • While the lure slows down, use your thumb to stop the line before the lure hits the water.
  • Start reeling the handle forward, lock the spool and finally turn off the release.

Controlling A Baitcaster To Avoid Tangle

It is necessary to know how to control your baitcaster to avoid backlash. A baitcaster is mainly controlled by a casting control knob. Two types of brake are applied to the spool while casting. A passive brake is applied automatically by the casting control settings.

 Another one is active braking which is applied to the spinning spool using thumb pressure while casting. These braking systems prevent backlash and tangling of the baitcasting reel. For getting the best outcome, it is important to make both active and passive braking work simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is okay for your brain to be flooded with questions about how you can detangle your baitcaster reel. Some common questions about untangling a baitcaster will be answered by us to make your fishing experience better.  This will help you to avoid backlash or get rid of it from your baitcaster and fish smartly. 

1. How Far Should I Be Able to Cast a Baitcaster?

According to professional anglers, you can extend your range on an average of 10-15 yards. So, for an average caster, it is 15 yards. It can be more for professionals.

2. Why Does My Reel Keep Getting Tangled?

The most common cause of a tangled line is a slack fishing line. When you reel in slack lines, it causes loose coils on the spool. So, while casting those loose coils, wear off the spool without maintaining the line. As a result, overlapping occurs, and the reels get tangled.

3. Should I Put a Braid on My Baitcaster?

Technically, you can. But you must be cautious about it cause it’s a baitcasting reel, not a spinning reel. It is to make sure that you avoid braid under 20 lbs.

4. Is There Any Baitcaster that Won’t Backlash?

There are some baitcasters available in the market who are resistant to backlash. One of them is Zillion SV. This baitcaster is almost impossible to form a backlash.

5. What Happens when You Put Too Much Line on A Baitcaster?

The lines are more likely to jump off the spool on the coils when you get too much line on those coils. It can even cause a backlash. So, it is important to adjust the spool tension knob.

6. What Is the Brake on A Baitcaster?

The braking system on the reel is to maintain regulation on the spoon’s rotation while casting. It is similar to the brake of any vehicle.

7. Are Baitcasters Hard to Use?

The answer is yes. Baitcasters are hard to use for beginners. It takes a lot of practice to be a perfectionist when it comes to fishing with a baitcaster.


When it comes to fishing, baitcasters are always a good choice. It is easy to cast and control. The only drawback is the backlash, but it can be avoided too. I am pretty sure that all of you have faced a backlash on your baitcaster, at least once. The method to prevent and remove tangles from a baitcaster properly is often unknown to many.

To avoid backlashes, it is important to know the anatomy of your baitcaster and how to cast it perfectly. For that, you can go through the manual provided with your baitcaster. Before knowing how to untangle a baitcaster, it is necessary to determine why it got tangled first.  If you already have a tangle or birds’ nest on your baitcaster, don’t be tensed cause the untangling procedure is also provided. From now on, say no to bird nests on your baitcaster.

Happy fishing!

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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