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For some years now, Kastking has been a talk of the town for anglers. Making some of the most premium-feeling baitcasting reels at a surprisingly affordable price tag, Kastking has made its way to the top within a few years.

Among the most talked-about reels from Kastking, comes a signature one – The Spartacus Maximus. This 8-ounce reel is made from total stainless steel that can offer a lot of perks to make your fishing experience a memorable one.

In this Kastking Spartacus Maximus review, we will be looking at the Spartacus Maximus with our expert eyes. Stay tuned to find out more!

The Great Features of Kastking Spartacus Baitcasting Reel

The Kastking Spartacus Maximum is full of surprises. From the amazing drag capacity to stainless steel durable bearings – the reel is an angler’s dream. Here’s the full detail on every spec that we simply loved!


Powerful Drag Capacity

The first thing that makes the Spartacus Maximus a stand-out product is its marvelous dragging power. Although it comes with a very low-profile 8-pound lightweight body, it can drag about 25 pounds of weight in the water.

That means you can easily cash some of the notorious sea monsters with this heavy-duty device. All you need is a strong line in place and a focused concentration on your part. Together, you can easily pull out some of the heaviest creatures from the water.

Its body is entirely made from aluminum and stainless steel; that’s the sole reason it doesn’t get bent or anyway damaged due to the immense pressure it handles. Hat’s off to the designers.

Heavy-Duty Body

As we mentioned earlier, the Spartacus Maximus comes with a heavy-duty build quality. You can rely on the All-Aluminum alloy zero-flex body and the frame of this reel. This ensures that no matter how much pressure you are putting on the reel, it will absorb the pressure in no time!

As for the spool, this one is also made from machined aero-grade aluminum. That means you can wind up any type of line in it as you wish. It won’t be subject to any kind of damage, no matter what. If the line is thick and puts a lot of pressure while dragging, the aluminum construction will certainly take care of it!

Anti-Corrosion Stainless Steel Shaft

The main shaft and other crucial parts of this reel are made from anti-corrosion stainless steel. Apart from the fact that stainless steel provides superior durability and strength, there’s more to it.

As the reel may be exposed to diverse water types, it’s no wonder that the reel will come in contact with saltwater, as well. And as we all know, saltwater is infamous for causing corrosion and other damage to steel and metal items.

But with corrosion-resistant stainless steel being used in shaft and other components, it’s no wonder that the saltwater will not do any harm to the reel. You can easily and conveniently use the reel in any type of water without worrying much about rust and damage.

10+1 Superior Quality Ball Bearings

Another fascinating perk of the Spartacus Maximus is its 10+1 superior quality shielded ball bearings. These ball bearings are made from stainless steel materials and are pretty durable, as well.

The superior quality makes it quite easy for the reel to release the line and pull it back without any interruption. If you haven’t noticed before, regular reels with low-quality ball-bearings struggle for a smooth cast and drag. But that’s not going to be the case with the Spartacus Maximus.

Being made from stainless steel also ensures that there won’t be any chance of erosion on the bearings over the periods. It’s is going to perform as smoothly as new Year apart.

Apart from that, the reels come with a superb Anti-Reverse system, as well. You can apply this Anti-Reverse option for a sudden stop while you cast or drag. If you need to halt after you have let loose, this option will help you stop it immediately.

Centrifugal Brake

Okay, we know that most modern anglers (or new anglers?) prefer a magnetic brake over a traditional centrifugal brake. The reason for this is solely the automation. Yes, it makes it pretty easy to control the brake as you have to do nothing. The magnets inside do all the job for you.

But having a centrifugal brake comes with its own benefits and perks. That’s why veteran and professional anglers at times prefer a centrifugal brake over the magnetic one. Here’s why.

With a centrifugal brake, you can control the hold and release of the pins inside. That means, depending on the wind, water power, and the fish you are trying to get hold of, you can easily change and control the brake on your own.

That means you have full manual control over the brake as you are using a centrifugal brake. Although it’s not going to be a good option for you if you are relatively new to angling, this is just the plain truth.

Over time, you may also realize that the need for a centrifugal brake is real. And it gives you more freedom over the reel compared to the ones that come with a magnetic brake. That’s why we loved it that the Spartacus Maximus featured a centrifugal brake in it. Professional anglers will definitely have a big smile on their face by now!

Learn more about centrifugal brakes vs magnetic brakes.

Padded EVA Knobs

To take maximum control over the fishing reel, you have to keep multiple things in mind. Apart from the fact that we have already discussed (the brake), the hand knob plays a vital role, as well. No matter how strong the reel is or how controlled the brake system is, if you can’t hold the handle with comfort, everything is going to dogs.

That’s probably what Kastking thought when designing the Spartacus Maximus. It comes with a couple of large handles on the side that has complete padding on them. That means you can comfortably hold on to the reel without any fatigue or uneven feeling on your hand.

The padding is quite soft yet thick so that you don’t feel the metal beneath and have a great time dragging those monsters towards your boat!

Optimized for Both Handed

No matter which hand of yours is the dominant one, the Spartacus Maximum has got your back. The reel comes in two versions that take care of both right-handed and left-handed anglers. If the handle is on the right side of the reel, it’s for the right-handed anglers. And if it’s on the left, then obviously, it belongs to the lefty anglers. So choose wisely according to your dominant hand.

Anything Bad About the Kastking Spartacus Maximus?

Well, the Spartacus Maximus comes with a lot of great features that practically outplay the negative parts, but there’s one issue that should be taken care of. Whenever you are going for a cast, the reel will make a spinning sound. The sound is quite high-pitched, and if you are fishing in a calm area, people around you may give a look every time you cast! So, yeah! There you have it!

Final Words

So that was all we had with our Kastking Spartacus Maximus review. It comes with a number of benefits that remind you of premium reels only. But surprisingly, it doesn’t make you reach the bottom of your pocket! If you are planning to get one for yourself, make sure you skim through this review once again!

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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