What Pound Test For Baitcaster Reel?

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My father would often take me fishing with my sister. It automatically sparked an interest among us in fishing. And where there’s fishing, there are baitcasters.

Baitcasting reels bring into play more reaction strike applications. So, you may ask, what pound test for baitcaster?

We can say baitcastersfavour overwhelming applications. You can utilize the line anywhere from 10 to 25 lb. monofilament.

It can also be used with fluorocarbon. And it requires 30 to 80 lb. braid. Baitcasting reels were not made for the light line.

Longer diameter lines are easier to remove from the spool. And are less likely to overrun.


Choosing The Proper Pound Test For Baitcaster Is Given Below:

1. Fishing line strength:

The strength of the fishing line is known as ‘test.’ It is measured in pounds (lbs.). Each spool of the line has a title.

The label specifies the pound test. The label is usually something like an 8-pound test. The pound test measures of how much tension may be applied to the fishing line before it breaks.

2. Correct fishing line weight:

The weight of the fishing line should be similar to the targeted species. It also needs to consider factors like the fishing region and plan.

The line weight should be proportional to the size of the targeted fish. For example, Bass anglers use an 8- to 12- pound test fishing line. But it depends on the kind of targeted bass.

They may switch to a 6-pound test line if necessary. Anglers should use heavier pound test lines according to fishes. For example, if the fish weighs between 15-40 pounds, a weighty pound test line is required. 

3. Target species determining:

What are you aiming for when you go fishing? When deciding what pound test line to use, it is the first question to address.

Casting for saltwater species necessitates a different line compared to panfish. It requires a radically different line strength property.

4. Fishing location:

Fishing for bass in dense cover versus on a little open pond necessitates a different pound test of fishing line. To improve cast-ability, a heavier pound test is to be used.

It requires a lower pound test in open water. Hence, the fishing location influences many factors. 

5. Weather conditions:

Weather can alter the qualities of different fishing lines. It depends on the fishing location. It is vital to understand how various water temperatures work.

Different water temperatures can affect the line. And it can aid in determining what pound test for baitcaster.

6. Fishing within gear:

Recommended line weights are printed on rods and reels. We need to keep those rules in mind. Especially when we consider the species and regions we will be fishing.

It is inefficient to use a little trout reel. If it’s used to spool up a 25-pound test monofilament fishing line, it won’t work.

It will only result in creating headaches all day on the water. We do not want that. If we go angling, we want to do that with a fresh mind.

If not started with a fresh mind, we might end up acting upon our reels. Now, we don’t want backlashes. Or bird nest as commonly called.

7. Typical pound test fishing line choice:

Several things come into play when picking fishing lines. Braided fishing lines, for example, can deliver smaller line widths.

Not only does it deliver a higher pound test, but it also does it at smaller line widths. Fishing with a fluorocarbon fishing line at a higher pound test is possible. That too, without sacrificing visibility.


Some Of The Best Baitcasting Lines For Pound Test:

1. Braided line:

Braided lines result in strong knot strength. It also reduces friction. And reduced friction means better casting.

Braided lines tend to have low memory. And they are very sensitive. On the other hand, it has excellent abrasion resistance.

However, braided lines can be pricey. But most anglers tend to use this line. Probably because they think it’s new.

They are not newer forms but one of the oldest. Braided lines are often regarded as the best line for anglers.

2. Fluorocarbon:

Fluorocarbons are nearly invisible. They are resistant to deterioration. On top of that, they are resistant to abrasion as well.

It has excellent strength. And a smaller diameter always works in favour.  However, fluorocarbons have a pretty bad line memory.

Maybe that is the reason, anglers are rarely found using a full spool of this.

3. Monofilament:

Monofilaments have a lot of colours and IB test options. They are also smaller in diameter like Fluorocarbons. They have high strength.

They have low line memory for monofilament. And they tend to offer a much more limited stretch. They have excellent resistance qualities.

Although theirknow high stretch is appreciable. The price is a con. Because these come in a hefty price tag.

Despite the hefty price tag, it is the cheapest of the three options. So, many anglers prefer this automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Is 20 lb. braid well for a baitcaster?

Ans: It is good for a baitcaster.

  1. What is the best pound test line for bass fishing?

Ans: 8-to-12-pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon line.

  1. What is 20 lb. braid equivalent to?

Ans: It is equivalent to 6Lb Mono.

  1. What is 20Lb braid good for?

Ans: 20Lb braid is good for fishing with artificial in the bay. 

  1. What size fish can I catch on the 10Lb line?

Ans: There is no limit. It depends on the skill.

  1. Is 20Lb braid stronger than 20Lb mono?

Ans: No, 20Lb braid is not stronger than 20Lb mono

  1. Can you catch a sea trout with an 8Lb line hold?

Ans: Yes, you can catch a fish trout with an 8Lb line hold.

  1. What does the 20Lb test line mean?

Ans: It means, the fishing can hold up to 20Lb without breaking. 

  1. What Lb. is suitable for carp fishing?

Ans: Around 10-15Lb is suitable for carp fishing.

  1. What pound test should I use for carp?

Ans: 8–10-pound test line works well for carps.

  1. What weighs more mono or braid?

Ans: It is a debatable question. Braid has a smaller diameter than mono. 

  1. Is fluorocarbon stronger than mono?

Ans: No, it is not stronger than mono.

  1. What is the highest pound test fishing line?

Ans: It is 550Lbs or more.

  1. Can I put a 10Lb line on an 8Lb reel?

Ans: No, you cannot put a 10Lb line on an 8Lb reel.

  1. What pound test should be used for crappie?

Ans: 4-pound test should be used for crappie 

  1. What pound line should be used by me?

Ans: It depends on the line’s “pound test”


So, we can conclude that what pound test for baitcaster has subjective answers. It depends on a lot of factors. Most factors are mentioned above.

A lot of it also depends on one’s skill. And the type of line they are using. If the line is fit for the type of fish it is targeted.

We shall gather thorough knowledge before we start using lines for baitcasters. The above information may come in handy.

If you are going out with your other angler friends, make sure they read what has been informed. No one wants a broken baitcaster.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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