Why Are Spinning Reels Left Handed? Explaned in 2024

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Do you ever listen, left is right while the right is wrong?

Most probably not. But, when you consider the fishing spinning reels, that’s true. If you carefully notice, almost all spinning reels are affixed left-handed, leaving you in a dilemma.

That time, you may wonder: why are spinning reels left handed? Yes, there must be some logical reasons, and here in this article, we’ll reveal that. So let’s get started.

Why Are Spinning Reels Left-Handed?

According to studies, 90% of people in the world are right-handed. The left-handed reels will free up their stronger hand to hold the fishing rod to easily battle the fish (especially large). They can even use their weaker hand to turn the reels’ handles while casting the spool.

There are some more reasons for designing reels left-handed.

  • As a right-handed guy, you must be comfortable using your right hand for almost all tasks. In that case, the left-handed Catfish Spinning reels will bless you by allowing your dominant hand to hold the rod and cast the fish that need too much strength.
  • Turning the spinning reel handle doesn’t require that much strength. As a result, you can easily and quickly turn the reels with your less-strength left hand when a fish is hooked to the lure. So there is less chance of missing the fish as well as the enjoyment of eating the fresh fish fries.
  • However, using the right-handed spinning reel for the right-handed guy is absolutely a hassle of frequently changing the spinning reel and the rod every time you cast. So, your fishing experience will turn into an irritating job instead of charming.
  • The last reason to design the left-handed spinning reels is it directly helps to enhance your fishing skills and efficiency. So you can easily win the big battle of fishing.

Why I Prefer Left-Handed Spinning Reels?

There is no hard and fast rule for choosing a spinning reel. You have to consider your comfort, ease of use, casting, and preferences instead of everything. Here are some reasons: why you should prefer a left-handed spinning reel?

  • Are you a right-handed person? Then you have to prefer a left-handed spinning reel to hold the fishing rod in your right hand and use 100% of your strength and skill. However, you won’t feel hand fatigue while fishing for a long time.
  • The left-handed spinning reels are easy to use, flexible, and comfortable to turn its handle anti-clockwise while casting.
  • With its drag mechanism, you’ll have more domination and control over your fishing rod and spinning reel.
  • Most interestingly, the left-handed spinning reels have an anti-reverse switch. You can move the handle forward and backward according to your requirements by using the switch.

So these are the key factors to prefer a left-handed spinning reel over a right-handed one.

What Are The Differences Between Right And Left-Handed Fishing Reels?

Undoubtedly, both right-handed and left-handed fishing reels are made to serve the same purpose, and that is catching fish. But, there are some core differences depending on the spinning reels’ position, direction, using hand, and process. Such as,

  • Spinning reel position: By hearing the name of both fishing equipment, you can easily realize the right-handed reel has its bait caster on the right side. Oppositely, the left-handed reel has its spinning reels on the left side.
  • Fishing reel direction: The right-handed fishing reel is designed by keeping its eyes and reels towards and upwards directed. So, it’ll be easier to use for left-handed guys. On the contrary, for left-handed reels, all of these tools are directed downward to be easily used for right-handed guys.
  • Changing using hands: The right-handed reels have the bait caster placed on the right side and the left-handed reels are attached on the left side. So, you can easily change your hands as per your comfort for left-handed reels. But, for right-handed reels, changing your hand is a bit problematic and challenging compared to left-handed ones.


Hopefully, now you don’t have any dilemma about why are spinning reels left handed though most fishing enthusiasts are right-handed.

So it’ll be wise to choose a left-handed spinning reel if you are right-handed and vice versa. This simple decision will be beneficial for your fishing adventure and create an everlasting memory of your life.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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