No Bananas On Fishing Boats: Superstitions? – Find out why.

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No one knows when the superstition started, but at least among anglers, there exists a belief that bananas on a boat are unlucky. If you put them on your fishing boat, it will bring bad luck to you and your crew. What does this mean? One explanation is that bananas are associated with death because they can be used as bait for sharks or other dangerous marine life. Another possible reason could be related to warding off evil spirits since many believe bananas have supernatural powers!

Why No Bananas On Fishing Boats?

The smell of bananas is said to attract sharks, so it is considered bad luck to bring them on boats. It could be that the superstition came from an old tradition of not eating bananas in small canoes or fishing vessels because hot tropical weather encourages bacteria growth.

This means no food should be brought into a boat with limited ventilation, including cooking and storing fresh foods like fruit! The original intent was probably based on preventing spoilage, but this also prevents any chance for good fortune (such as catching lots of fish).

Some believe the myth started with a cautionary tale about sailors who would put their hammocks next to large sacks of banana treasure below deck only to wake up and find themselves floating at sea due to shifting cargo during rough seas.

Bananas are difficult to store on boats because they don’t have a long shelf life and they give off gas, which can be dangerous as they could cause an explosion if there is an ignition source present. 

A sailor named Albert Burry wrote in his memoir that he was always warned not to eat fruit near a ship because it would cause a terrible storm, and many fishers from Nova Scotia believe if they have any banana bread aboard their boat when the wind comes up, then they will be sure of catching nothing but small fish. And some people think that putting bananas on board can make you feel seasick or give you nightmares.

Bananas can cause allergic reactions in some people and attract rodents, who will chew through rope and cause leaks.

If bananas are kept in the hold of a ship, they have to be carefully packed with hay or straw for insulation as rotting fruit causes bad smells that permeate the entire boat. Once onboard, all food is stored there until it’s consumed because you never know when your vessel might run aground. 

Some sailors believe if fish smell bananas, they won’t bite bait; others say catching any fish while having banana bread aboard means someone has put a curse on them; other people think putting bananas onboard makes them feel seasick or gives them nightmares.

No one knows why this superstition persists, but its origins may date back to ancient times where

Banana spoils during the journey from land to sea, so sailors would place them in a small wooden box with hay or straw to protect the fruit from pests and insects.

The belief that bananas on board are bad luck might stem from this practice, as spoiled banana emits an unpleasant odor.

Placing dried bananas onboard ships was common among sailors who did not want to eat fresh ones while underway because they were hardier than other types of fruit. 

Another explanation is that there may have been some truth behind why no one wants a bunch of bananas aboard their boat: when rotten, they emit hydrogen sulfide gas which can act as a narcotic agent on people nearby.

There’s no room for bananas on board because of all the equipment needed for fishing trips.

One more theory is that sailors have been superstitious about bananas for centuries, and the tradition has carried on.

 Final Verdict

There are many reasons why boats do not carry bananas. The most common reason is that the fruit spoils easily and can produce a bad smell on the boat. Another possible explanation for this maritime tradition might be some old superstition about how carrying banana plants could bring bad luck or curse them. However, there has been no real evidence of such an association with these practices.

John Hunt is a professional angler! He has been fishing for the last 12 years, he loves to participate in fishing tournaments everywhere with his favorite fishing gear. As a pro angler, he is sharing his valuable fishing guide with newbie anglers...

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